Grandson’s Unselfish Act for Grandfather

Over the past decade or so, there have been many reports of how America has lost the younger generation to liberalism and the self-centered attitude that everything revolves around themselves.

Yet, we still hear reports of members of the younger generation who defy the stigma surrounding their generation. We see young people who go out and help others, clothing and feeding the homeless and helping elderly people in need. We’ve seen y9oung people devote their birthday and Christmas to helping others.

Meet Cameron Dedman of Kentucky. He sold his own car in order to get the money to restore his grandfather’s classic 1957 Chevy Bel Air. His 81-year-old grandfather has owned the car since the 1950s, but the car has been just sitting in the garage collecting dust as it was need of a number of repairs.

(Fox News) – A Kentucky grandfather was reduced to tears on his 81st birthday last weekend when his grandson presented him with a newly restored 1957 Chevy Bel Air that had been collecting dust in a garage.

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Cameron Dedman wanted to surprise his grandfather and “do it right,” so he said he saved money, sold his own car and worked much of last year restoring the classic.

“He’s my best friend and truely deserves it,” Dedman said on Facebook.

Fred Lamar, his grandfather, owned the car since the 50s, WHAS reported...

Cameron Dedman and other members of the younger generation restore hope in America as their generation will soon be the leaders of the nation, businesses, schools, etc. Many of them still care for others in the family and those in need. It’s refreshing to see their unselfishness. This is what our young people need to be taught, to care about others and not just themselves.




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