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When Barack Obama ran for the White House in 2008, he promised to make life better for black Americans. He promised more jobs, more income, less poverty and better living conditions. Although he was half white, his skin color and promises won the votes of millions of black Americans and the White House.

Yet, in his first four years in office, unemployment of black Americans rose, not declined as Obama promised. Income for many black Americans declined and more black Americans found themselves at or below the poverty line than before Obama took office. For many, living conditions grew worse due to fewer jobs and less income.

The only thing that did rise under Obama’s first four years was racial hatred. Obama poured many gallons of fuel on the fires of racial division. Racial unrest, protests and demonstrations increased. Empowered by Obama’s racism, racial violence increased. Mobs of young black people began randomly attacking non-blacks, purely for the sport and because they weren’t black. They also began waging a war on law enforcement officers.

In 2012, Obama again made many promises to help improve conditions for black Americans and again they voted for him and again he failed to fulfil his promises to them.

In December, I reported:

“Once Trump won the election, the overall economy of the United States surged forward, affecting many facets of America.”

“In September 2017, in less than a year of Trump economics, the unemployment rate for black Americans had dropped to only 7.0%. The last time the unemployment level for black Americans was this low was in April 2000.”

“Additionally, the unemployment rate for Hispanics is the lowest it has been in the 45-years of government tracking.”

“There is no doubt that Trump has done far more to help black Americans and Hispanics in less than a year than Obama did in 8 years One would think this should be a point broadcast across the nation in hopes of winning them over from the dark side of the Democrats.”

Yet, according to a recent poll, what Trump has done for black Americans in his first year is still not enough.

Rasmussen Reports asked the following 2 questions:

1* Has the government done too much or too little to improve conditions for young black Americans? Or has the level of action been about right?

2* Who is most responsible for improving conditions for young black Americans – the young people themselves, their parents, the government, private business, school authorities or other?

They reported their results, saying:

“A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 46% of Likely U.S. Voters now say the government has done too little to improve conditions for young black Americans, while just 11% think they’ve done too much. Thirty-one percent (31%) of voters think the level of government action has been about right, while another 12% are not sure.”

“In 2014, just 27% of voters felt the federal government under the Obama administration had not done enough to improve conditions for young black Americans. Twenty-two percent (22%) at the time believed the government had already done too much.”

It will be interesting to see the results next January after a full year of Republican tax cuts. Under Obama, there were more workers than jobs and today, in many parts of the nation, there are more jobs than workers, forcing companies to actively compete for workers, a condition that will help many sectors of American workers including black Americans.

The only negative about all of this is that mainstream media hates President Donald Trump and Republicans so much that they will likely never report how much life improves for black Americans or other ethnic groups.





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