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Even though I still consider myself a Zonie – someone from Arizona – I’m ashamed to admit that one of the US Senators from the Grand Canyon state is far more liberal than many Democrats in the Senate and perhaps it’s not a coincidence that his name is Flake.

Sen. Jeff Flake has opposed border security, a border wall and many of the agenda items of President Donald Trump. Over the past couple of years, Flake’s liberalness makes Chris Christie looks like poster boy for the GOP.

In his latest anti-Trump tirade, Flake compares Trump’s comments about the media to those of Joseph Stalin, former Soviet Union leader. Incidentally, he also referred to many Republicans in Congress as being like Stalin.

(AZ Central) – Sen. Jeff Flake has taken to the airways (and will soon take to the U.S. Senate floor) to compare President Donald Trump’s attacks on the press to those of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

Take a breath …

Before you throw a hissy fit over Flake’s statement you should know that the senator has Thomas Jefferson on his side.

Yeah, that Thomas Jefferson

The founding father and author of the Declaration of Independence was a staunch believer in the need for a vibrant, independent press.

One of Jefferson’s more famous quotes comes from a letter he wrote in the late 1700s in which he said:…

Thanks goodness Flake is leaving the Senate this year and not seeking re-election. He may be counted in the tiny Republican majority, but he has voted against Trump on more than one occasion, so even if a Democrat wins his seat, it may not make that big of a difference in the Senate. It’s sad when someone like Flake fails to see what’s best for the nation instead of own personal agenda.





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