Fusion GPS Took Fake Trump Dossier to Media at Request of Democrats

A sign of how desperate and how far Democrats were during the 2016 presidential campaigns lies with the infamous Trump dossier that was quickly proven to be false. It was the dossier that implicated Trump and his campaign with Russia, and even though the dossier was largely false, Democrats still are using it as the basis for their investigation into Trump-Russia collusion.

We already learned that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid around $12 million for the work behind the dossier. We also know that Fusion GPS, authors of the dossier worked directly with the Russian attorney that tried to entrap Donald Trump Jr.

Now we are learning that it was the client of Fusion GPS (hinted at being the DNC and/or Clinton campaign, urged the company to take the dossier to the media.

(The Daily Wire) – The House Intelligence Committee has released transcripts of its interviews with Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion GPS, which created the infamous Trump-Russia dossier, and the implications of Simpson’s testimony might well indicate Fusion GPS went to the media about the dossier at the behest of either Hillary Clinton or the Democratic National Committee.

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As John Hinderaker notes at Powerline, Simpson pleaded the Fifth Amendment when he testified before the House Intelligence Committee in November 8, 2017. Invoking the Fifth means that if a witness answers the question, he may be guilty of a crime.

In his testimony on Thursday, Simpson allowed that after former FBI Director James Corney sent a letter to Congress saying he was reopening the Hillary Clinton email investigation only two weeks before the 2016 election, Simpson and Christopher Steele felt that Comey had unduly influenced the outcome of the election in favor of Donald Trump, and thus they decided to counter the effect. Simpson stated:…

It’s about time that Congress and the American people realize that the real election criminals were the Democrats – namely the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign. If anyone should be investigated for criminal acts, it’s the Democrats and not Donald Trump or his campaign.




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