FBI Texts Lead to Congressional Investigation of FBI

In years past, it was rare that federal government employees would use their positions to intentionally sabotage a new administration, but after eight years of lawlessness and open defiance of laws and ethics, nothing should surprise us anymore. After all, if Obama, Holder, Clinton and Lynch could openly defy and ignore federal laws and the US Constitution, then why shouldn’t everyone else who disagrees with the laws and the Constitution?

That seems to have been the attitude and still is, among a number of federal employee hold-overs from the Obama administration, including within the prestigious FBI where some employees knowingly tried to undermine President Trump and his administration, according to emails that have been discovered and causing Congress to investigate the corruption.

(Constitution.com) – What a sad day it is in America.

We have seen time and again, multiple instances of likely corruption happening within our most sacred institutions. The very law enforcement agencies that we established to ensure our liberty, to watch with vigilance over our political process, and to act impartially at all times, have themselves become cesspools of political intrigue and bias.

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It was only whispers during the Obama era. How we wondered could the IRS go unpunished once their crimes had been discovered? How could the BLM be allowed to seize private property, and to fine innocent ranchers without being held accountable? How could the CIA, the NSA, and the FBI all misuse the investigative tools we’ve given them and no one in our government told us about it? Instead we were forced to hear it from whistleblowers who themselves then became criminals!

Sadly, it’s happened again.

In the wake of Robert Mueller being forced to fire agents from his staff for rank political bias, Congress began looking more closely at the investigators who were supposed to be covering these cases in an unbiased manner. What they found was troubling…

It seems a number of FBI employees strived to help Hillary Clinton and hurt Donald Trump. In addition to those involved in this email exchange, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe also used his position to help end the Clinton email investigation. This was done after McCabe’s wife received about $750,000 in campaign donations for her bid in state government.




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