European Leader Confirms Trump’s Concerns on Muslim Refugees & Immigrants

President Donald Trump raised the hackles on the back of the necks of many anti-American Democrats when he spoke about the dangers of allowing so many Muslims to come to the United States as immigrants or refugees. Trump said that the vetting system used by the Obama administration was very deficient in its ability to screen out possible and potential terrorists.

Not only Democrats, but the mainstream media immediately attacked Trump for his desire to protect America as much as possible from terrorist attacks like the ones seen in Europe over the past few years. They didn’t care that our national security was at risk, as they labeled Trump a hater and Islamophobe. They accused him of religious discrimination, singling out Muslims over other religions.

When Trump made his first executive order that called for a TEMPORARY ban on travel from 6 predominately Muslim nations, none of the whining and screaming Democrats seemed to understand that the list of Muslim nations came from documents prepared by the Obama administration. The Obama administration had identified them as the nations that produced the most terrorists, but that list wasn’t racist nor was it discriminating against Muslims when it was prepared. Those claims only happened when Trump acted on the list, after Obama refused to take any action to protect America. After all, it was more important to Obama to allow potential terrorists into the country, all because they would become Democratic voters.

Each time Trump issued his executive order to temporarily ban travel to and from his listed nations, a liberal judge misused his or her position to assume more authority than the president of the United States and block Trump’s actions, calling them discriminatory against Muslims. Even after Trump’s 3rd executive order included 2 non-Muslim nations, a liberal judge still blocked the executive order claiming it was still discriminatory.

A number of European countries accepted Muslims fleeing the wars in Syria and Iraq. The Muslim refugees hit Europe like tidal wave, causing a significant amount of damage as they surged onto the European shores. Over the past few years, many of the terrorist attacks throughout Europe have involved some of those so-called harmless refugees. In many areas where the refugees settled, crime has skyrocketed, especially assaults, sexual assaults and rapes and they are all being committed by the members of the so-called religion of peace.

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is receiving a great deal of criticism from other European nations over his stand against accepting the Muslim refugees. As reported:

“Responding to the suggestion that Hungary was not showing sufficient ‘solidarity’ with the European Union because Germany accepted 2 million migrants but Hungary will not accept 2,000, Prime Minister Orbán told German tabloid BILD on Sunday: ‘The difference is: They wanted the migrants. And we do not’.”

“‘We do our work by protecting the external Schengen border with Serbia. That cost us an extra one billion euros since 2015 and Brussels will not reimburse us one cent,’ Orbán added.”

“Asked why Hungarians are resistant to the bloc’s forced migrant redistribution policy, Mr. Orbán asserted that, ‘We do not consider these people to be Muslim refugees,’ but as ‘Muslim invaders’. Drawing attention to the fact that migrants had travelled through safe countries before heading to more prosperous parts of Europe, the prime minister added that many are ‘economic migrants’ and not in genuine need of asylum.” [Emphasis mine]

“‘That was not a wave of refugees, that was an invasion,’ Orbán told BILD…”

Orbán is closer to the situation in Europe and can see what has been taking place as a direct result of the wave of Muslim refugees and he doesn’t want to expose his nation to the dangers. He basically said the same thing President Donald Trump has been saying and warning about. Trump saw what was happening in Europe and did not want the same type of dangerous invasion to take place here in the United States.

Yet, Democrats and the mainstream media are so blinded by their anti-American socialist agenda and their hatred for Trump, that they are unable to understand and recognize the dangers of allowing thousands of unscreened Muslim refugees into the country. After all, it’s not Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Shinto or any other religion that is responsible for the bulk of the terrorist attacks happening all over the world, it’s Muslims, plain and simple. It’s not a matter of religious discrimination as much as it’s a matter of national security, but that concept seems to be too difficult for Democrats and the mainstream media to understand and grasp.



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