ESPN Pushes to Ban Conservative Performer from NHL All Star Game Performance

Over the past couple of years, the liberal anti-American, anti-family, anti-conservative and anti-decency views of the Disney Company have been evident with their sports giant subsidiary, ESPN. Liberal commentators are rewarded with prime-time programs while conservative commentators are relegated to off hours or eliminated altogether.

ESPN’s liberal agenda has once again rose to the surface of the cesspool that is stinking up America, as they lead the effort to have scheduled performer for the NHL All Star game fired.

Who and Why?

It’s Kid Rock and it’s all because he is a staunch conservative, something that ESPN and their parent company Disney cannot stand.

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( – Make no qualms about it; ESPN is no longer merely a sports-reporting outfit, and are actively engaging themselves with the “resistance” against American conservatism.

For years, the “worldwide leader in sports” has been anything but, as the entire Disney-owned network begins to more closely resemble a hornet’s nest of liberal ideologies than a piece of American entertainment.  What began with their firing of baseball legend Curt Schilling for his personal views on the trans-trender movement has now culminated into an all out blitzkrieg of leftist anger and vitriol aimed outward at every red blooded American within earshot.

The latest bit of disturbing drivel being disseminated by the once-venerable cable channel is aimed directly at the NHL, and their choice of entertainment for their annual All Star Game...

Liberalism has turned the mainstream media away from responsible journalism to the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. When the Disney company placed flaming liberals and homosexuals in charge, the company’s values went directly down the toilet and into the cesspool of liberalism and now they are dragging ESPN down the same smelly and offensive path.




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