DHS Chief Testifies before Senate that Trump Never Used Vulgar Word

Known liar Sen. Dick Durbin accused President Trump of using a swear word in reference to Haiti, El Salvador and African nations when speaking about immigration. The media went wild with the story, which was made a full day after the meeting. At least two GOP members of Congress who attended the meeting denied Durbin’s account, but still the press and Democrats believe Durbin’s lie.

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was also present at the same meeting and in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee that she never heard President Trump use the swear word attributed to him by Durbin. In the Senate testimony, Sen. Cory Booker went ballistic when Nielsen refuted Durbin’s claim.

(Constitution.com) – Once again we saw a disgusting, partisan spectacle masquerading as a “Senate Committee hearing” when DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen appeared on the Hill supposedly to talk about her job as one of the nation’s top protectors.

But, instead of asking Nielsen about the government’s plans to stop Islamic terror, or to secure our borders, Democrat Senators decided to waste the country’s time by playing partisan political games and refusing to do the nation’s business.

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That’s right, the Democrat Senator grilled Secretary Nielsen on whether or not President Donald Trump said that some countries were “sh**hole nations.”

During the January 16 meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee Nielsen was subjected to round after round of questions over and over again about the supposed comments that extremist, left-wing, Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin claimed Trump said during a closed-door immigration meeting last week…

To date, all we have is the word of 1 Senate with a record of lying about Republicans in White House meetings versus the word of at least 3 or 4 others present at the same meeting, but guess who Democrats and the liberal mainstream media is believing?




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