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During the 2016 presidential campaign, candidate Donald Trump promised to take a hardline against illegal immigration, promising to end DACA and deport the millions of illegals in the United States. However, he has realized that he is at a point where he has to make a deal with the devil (aka Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer) on immigration and provide some kind of protection for DACA illegals.

In trying avoid another Schumer extortion threat of shutting down the government in two weeks, Trump has made a proposal on immigration which goes beyond just offering protection for DACA illegals. In his memo offer on immigration, Trump proposed providing a path to citizenship that would take between 10-12 years for all of the currently enrolled DACA illegals, plus additional illegals who would likely meet DACA requirements. Instead of the nearly 700,000 currently enrolled in DACA, Trump’s proposal would cover approximately 1.8 million illegals.

Past immigration amnesty programs resulted in out-of-control chain migration where once someone was granted amnesty, it would extend to parents, siblings and then to their parents and siblings and so on. Chain migration in the past resulted in nearly 200 people being granted amnesty after it was originally extended to just one married couple.

In Trump’s proposal, he wants to end chain migration by limiting the program to spouse and minor children only along with ending the visa lottery, end visa overstays and increase enforcement of current immigration laws. His proposal also calls for tightening the requirements for asylum seekers and imposing fines for fraudulent asylum claims.

Trump’s plan calls for 370 additional immigration judges and 1,000 Ice attorneys. It calls for harsher penalties for illegally re-entering the country and for expedited removal of non-protected illegal aliens. His proposal also calls for increased security along our northern border with Canada.

In exchange for offering a path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million illegals, Trump wants $25 billion for a border wall, to be used to secure our border, reduce illegal immigration and improve the safety of America and the American people.

Schumer, along with other Senate Democrats like Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (the habitual liar of what is said during White House meetings), are already rejecting Trump’s proposal. They claim that it puts undo pressure on the DACA illegals to bear the brunt of a program they claim will only rip apart America’s immigration system.

Others have criticized the program by claiming it’s Trump’s way of making America white again.

Not only are key Democrats objecting to Trump’s proposal, but a number of Republicans are also opposed to it. They say it amounts to nothing more than amnesty to 1.8 million law-breakers. Rep. Steve King (R-IA) commented:

“Illegals have No Right to be here & have ALL violated our laws. This #Amnesty deal negotiates away American Sovereignty.”

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), has proposed HR 4760 that would grant work permits to existing DACA illegals, along with ending chain migration, the visa lottery system and the E-Verify system currently being used. His bill also calls for improvements in border security which includes allowing Border Patrol agents to have access to all Federal lands. The bill also calls for additional Border Patrol agents and Customs and Border Protection officers, in addition to authorizing the use of National Guard troops to assist in border patrol. Goodlatte’s bill also allocates $10.3 billion a year from 2018 to 2022, of which $9.3 billion would be for the construction of physical barriers and $1 billion for improvements in tactical infrastructure. This bill has already gained the support of 77 cosponsors in the House and has the support of NumbersUSA, an organization that advocates for reduced immigration. NumbersUSA has not endorsed any immigration plan since 1986.

The bottom line is that nothing President Trump or any other Republican offers will be acceptable to Schumer and his minions unless it grants full amnesty and citizenship to all 11 million to 20 illegal aliens already in the USA and maintains the open border policies of the Obama administration.

I agree with Rep. Steve King in that DACA and other illegals don’t deserve anything and should not be rewarded for violating America’s immigration laws. Giving any group anything only encourages more foreigners to violate our laws and border and come here illegally in hopes of getting in on this or the next amnesty plan.

For a side-by-side comparison of what President Trump, Rep. Goodlatte and the infamous Gang of 6 (a 2012 proposal) actually do and don’t do, you can see it here. IF we have to offer any kind of immigration deal, the one proposed by Goodlatte is the best. Short of that, I say just deport them all and let them come here illegally or go to prison for a great many years.



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