Democrats Intend to Hurt America Over Illegal Foreigners

It still defies all logic as to why Democrats continue to put illegal foreigners ahead of American citizens, but they do. In the latest showdown, Democrats are threatening to shutdown most of the federal government over protection of DACA illegal aliens. A shutdown would not only shut down a number of government agencies and leave thousands of federal employees on unpaid leave until enough Democrats will realize that they owe the American people more than they owe illegal aliens.

The deadline for passing a budget bill is tonight at midnight, but many Democrats say they will not vote for any budget bill until Republicans agree to some kind of deal to protect illegal DACA aliens.

(USA Today) – House Republicans narrowly passed a four-week spending bill on Thursday night to avert a partial government shutdown, but Democrats appeared to have enough votes to tank the measure in the Senate.

The House approved the spending bill by a vote of 230-to-197, just 30 hours before current funding runs out. The high-stakes showdown quickly moved to the Senate, where a final vote is expected on Friday as a midnight deadline looms over the proceedings.

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The House bill would fund the government through Feb. 16 and reauthorize a children’s health insurance program for six years. But it would punt most other spending decisions for another month.

Three Senate Republicans have said publicly that they will oppose the House bill, and a majority of Senate Democrats also plan to vote no, according to a senior Senate Democratic aide who was not authorized to share the vote tally on the record…

The question is, who will cave in first and some believe that enough Democrats will cave it later today and vote for the Republican spending bill and avoid a government shutdown. The reason is that a number of Democrats are from states that Trump carried by double-digits and they are up for re-election this year and don’t want to have to explain why they shutdown the government to their constituents.





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