Democrats Flip Flop on Border Wall

It’s a good thing I’m not in Washington DC, because I would probably be arrested by calling out so many politicians for their lying partisan hypocrisy, especially man of the Democrats.

One of the issues I would point out to them is their current stand on doing everything to block President Donald Trump’s agenda to build a border wall or fence to help stop illegal immigration, drug trafficking and to help secure nation from access for terrorists.

Why? Five years ago, every member of the Democratic caucus voted for hundreds of miles of border fencing. Now, they are 100% against any border fence or wall and try to tell everyone that it’s not about politics.

(Fox News) – Five years ago, the entire Senate Democratic caucus voted for hundreds of miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border.

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How times have changed.

Democrats are now blasting President Trump’s border wall demands as “ineffective” and “unreasonable,” as they battle his initial $18 billion request.

And Republicans, along with other border-security advocates, are countering by accusing Democrats of flipping their position now that Trump is president.

“What we’re seeing right now is the height of hypocrisy from the Democrats, when the Democrats in 2013 wanted the immigration reform,” President of the National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends First.” “The only thing that’s changed is we now have Trump sitting in the White House instead of Obama in the White House and all of a sudden they’re against it.” …

The fact that so many Democrats voted for a border fence just 5 years ago but adamantly oppose any border fence or wall now is a clear indication that their arguments about doing it for the people is an out right lie. Their opposition has nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with partisan politics and their promise to fight against President Trump on every piece of legislation.




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