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Socialism thrives when the government maintains control over the people and businesses. Imagine an image that depicts factories and people under a huge press with a government figure slowly turning the handle that keeps adding more and more pressure to the factories and people. That’s how socialism works.

Socialists (Democrats, liberals, progressives, etc.) began planning back in the 1960s on how to implement their control over people, businesses and countries and the only thing that was determined to allow this to happen was using environmental issues.

They began with environmental pollution of air, water and land. Once they began making progress in these areas, socialists began using global warming which eventually morphed into climate change.

Even though the largest source of global warmings is nature itself, socialists have to blame man and industrialization for ALL of the global warming/climate change. They blame industry, and in some places like China, they are right. They blame motor vehicles and continue to push for cleaner running vehicles. But did you know that the production of electric and hybrid vehicles causes a great deal of environmental impact? A large portion of the products used to build the many battery units in electric and hybrid vehicles comes from mines, which in many areas, have completely destroyed and devastated vast areas. Some have described these areas as looking like the surface of the moon. Then there is the problem of how to dispose of these toxic batteries.

Socialists have blamed farm animals for producing methane, deemed a greenhouse gas. Some have even declared that large populous areas like New York City, Tokyo, London, etc., produce too much methane (people passing gas) and carbon dioxide (people breathing).

The next tool developed by socialists to control people everywhere is carbon footprints, defined as the amount of carbon dioxide produced or released into the air by any living organism, industry, event, of any process. This led to efforts to pass cap and trade laws that would fine businesses, groups or anything that exceeded their allotted carbon credits (carbon dioxide).

Democrats in the United States have pushed cap and trade for the past decade but failed nationally. Democrats in California passed their own cap and trade several years ago, prompting some businesses and manufacturers to move to another state. A board comprised mostly of neo-com Democrats determine just how much of a carbon footprint everyone and every business is allowed and if they go over that, they pay a fine.

Socialists are now turning to the absurd in their push of global warming – climate change and carbon footprints. Some of them in Great Britain have turned their sties on sandwiches. Yep, you read it right – sandwiches.

As reported:

“Scientists claim there is a surprising climate change culprit: sandwiches.”

“The overall annual consumption of sandwiches across the UK has the same environmental impact as the use of around eight million cars a year, scientists have claimed.”

“Researchers arrived at the figure after studying the carbon footprint of different types of sandwiches – both home-made and pre-packaged.”

“The ready-made ‘all-day breakfast’ sandwich containing egg, bacon and sausage was found to be the worst offender.”

‘It produces the equivalent of 1,441 grams (50.8 oz) of CO2 – which is the same as driving a car for 12 miles.

In calculating the carbon footprints for the sandwiches, researchers considered the production of the ingredients, how the sandwiches were packaged and how much of the sandwich is discarded as waste.

Per their calculations, they determined the carbon footprint amounts for the following sandwiches:

  • Ham and cheese – 1349.5 gr – 47.6 oz
  • Egg and bacon – 1182.4 gr – 41.7 oz
  • Ham salad – 1119.1 gr – 39.5 oz
  • Bacon, lettuce and tomato – 1067.3 gr – 37.6 oz
  • Chicken salad – 963 gr – 34.0 oz

Can you imagine how much carbon footprint values would be for a hamburger, cheese burger or French fries?

If socialists manage to regain control of America, we could end up paying a carbon tax with every item you buy at a fast food restaurant, a meal at any restaurant or even when you go to the grocery store. Given the chance, they’ll place a carbon footprint standard for everyone that would include, what we eat, drink, electricity, heating, cooling and automobiles.

You think this sounds far-fetched, but consider how many things that are common place today that were far-fetched just 10-20 years ago. In reality, it’s not nearly as far-fetched as you may think.




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