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Democrats, progressive liberals and socialists all believe that they can legislate everything in life, including morality, religion, speech, lifestyle, sexual orientation, moods and depression. They look at many social problems and find ways to spend taxpayer money that they don’t have on more programs that usually only make the problems worse.

For instance, in 2011, then US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., a Democrat from Illinois, proposed a plan for Obama to declare a state of emergency and use executive powers to completely bypass Congress so he could enact a jobs plan. His job plan involved the direct hiring of 15 million unemployed Americans and pay them an average of $40,000 each for year. He claimed that would only be a stimulus of $600 billion. He also wanted to spend another $104 billion to bail out states in financial trouble and then another $100 billion to bail out cities in trouble. If this didn’t sound ridiculous enough, his jobs idea to hire 15 million unemployed Americans was a five-year plan, which means that his plan would have cost US taxpayers over $3 trillion. Jackson Jr’s, plan would not have dealt with the real cause of what caused the economic downturn and unemployment.

Other Democrats have spent taxpayer money on a number of social programs in an attempt to address social problems, but the programs never truly address the real cause of the problems, they just address the symptoms. It’s like a doctor putting a Band-Aide on someone who needs open-heart surgery. The Band-aide only superficially covers a serious problem deep inside.

California Democrats are trying to do the same thing in addressing the problem of suicide, specifically, suicides with guns.

State Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) has introduced AB 1927, a bill designed to reduce gun-related suicides. How is this bill supposed to accomplish this monumental task?

The bill would prevent people from buying a firearm who have suicidal tendencies, contemplating suicide or who others fear may be a threat to themselves. The bill would call for people struggling with suicidal thoughts or tendencies to voluntarily submit their names and information to the state agency that is tasked with background checks. That office would then alert licensed firearms dealers so as to warn them about selling a firearm to such a person.

The question is, what if someone else reports a person they suspect could be a danger to themselves? I’ve known people accuse others as being a danger to themselves because they were rodeo cowboys, mountain climbers and race car drivers. Would that be grounds for denying those people from buying a gun?

Besides, many people who commit suicide never let on to others they are contemplating ending their lives. I know this from personal experience. When I was a teenager, NO one had any idea that I not only contemplated suicide, but actually planned it out. I intentionally kept it hidden from everyone including my family because I didn’t want anyone to stop me. I maintained my normal lifestyle and did everything I normally did and even talked about plans for college with parents, never letting on that I was about kill myself.

I’ve spoken with a number of people over the years who went through similar experiences that I had. They also planned their suicides and intentionally never let anyone know about their intentions. They also did everything normally and talked about future plans with those close to them.

Yes, some people give off signs, but many others don’t.

Another thing to consider is that if someone is suicidal, preventing them from buying a gun will not prevent them from killing themselves. If they don’t have access to a gun, they’ll find another way, such as overdosing on some drug, or using a knife, or walking out in front of an oncoming motor vehicle, or jumping off a high structure. There are a host of ways someone can kill themselves and tragically, some involve other unsuspecting people, which leaves them traumatized for the rest of their lives.

AB 1927 won’t reduce suicides, only one method of suicide. It’s only intended to strip more people of the right to own a firearm.

If Bonta really wants to do something to reduce the number suicides, he needs to address the real problem, which is a Godless and hopeless society. Many people, especially younger people and millennials, have no hope, especially in our decayed society. Bring God, Christ and the Bible back into society, thus giving people hope again. Then and only then may we see suicide rates begin to drop.




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