2018 Dem Hopefuls Saying Pelosi Anchor Around Their Neck

A number of younger Democrats in the House have blamed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for the Democrat’s loss of control in the House. They blame the 77-year-old California alt-liberal for the demise of Democrats and consequently, they are trying to separate themselves from Pelosi.

Conor Lamb, a former federal prosecutor may not be in congress yet, but he is hoping to join fellow Democrats in Congress by winning the House seat, formerly belonging to Tim Murphy, in a March special election. Lamb is facing Republican State Rep. Rick Saccone in the special election.

Congressional Democratic leadership is supporting Lamb although Lamb is not supporting Democratic leadership and even distancing himself from Pelosi, describing her as an anchor around the neck of Democrats.

(The American Mirror) – Democratic leadership is supporting former federal prosecutor Conor Lamb in a March special election to replace Tim Murphy in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district, but Conor Lamb doesn’t support Democratic leadership.

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Lamb told the Pittsburg Post-Gazette that if elected, he’ll work to replace House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who has come under increased attacks from members of her own party in recent months.

“I think it’s clear that this Congress is not working for people,” Lamb told the news site. “I think we need new leadership on both sides.”

Lamb, who will square off against Republican state Rep. Rick Saccone March 13, insists his desire to replace Pelosi “is not personal,” but rather a matter of getting things done…

Murphy is a Republican who was first elected to the House in 2003. He resigned at the end of October 2017 due to a sex scandal. In his last election, he ran unopposed, but Lamb is campaigning hard in his attempt to win over the seat to Democrats. Many are watching this special election, which will take place in March as a possible indicator of what to expect in the 2018 mid-term elections.




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