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The alt-left neo-com mainstream media and Democrats have been so busy denigrating President Donald Trump, Republicans, conservatives, Christians and white supremacists that they are blinded to the terrorist activities of the alt-left radical groups that have banded together under the banner of Antifa.

Antifa also stands for Anti-Fascist. They are made up of black activists, communists and anarchists who all are calling for the overthrow of not just the Trump presidency, but of the entire federal government and everything associated with white people.

Over the past few months, I’ve heard interviews with various members of Antifa who were so overboard that they called for the killing of every white person in America and for the use of whatever violence they deem necessary to stage a complete political coup. One Antifa person, whose face was hidden by a black mask, looked into the television camera and said death to white people, death to Donald Trump, death to all Republicans, death to all conservatives, death to all white supremacists and then death to anyone who opposes Antifa.

Is it any wonder that many people believe that Antifa should be officially listed as a terrorist organization and threat to the United State government? By officially designating Antifa as being a terrorist organization would give law enforcement agencies nationwide a lot more power and tools to use to counter the groups violence.

It was Antifa who caused the hour-long violence in Charlottesville this year and they caused violence in Berkeley and several other locations. In every instance, they used violence to silence white supremacists and conservative speakers such as Ann Coulter. Antifa stopped some universities from hosting conservative speakers of any kind by threatening to use violence to disrupt the event.

If you go to You Tube and look at any videos about Antifa, you see people dressed in black, many wearing scarves or masks to hide their identity and they are carrying baseball bats, clubs, pipes and guns. It was interesting to see how many Democrats and members of the mainstream media condemned any conservative group for showing up at any event carrying guns, but I’ve yet to hear a single criticism about members of Antifa being heavily armed when they show up for any public event.

Who in their right mind would openly support and endorse an organization that is so violent and so terrorist and anti-American oriented?

Believe it or not Walmart is doing just that.

Breitbart reported:

“Walmart is selling ‘Antifa’ clothing that ‘will [allow you to] express yourself inside the opposition to the ideology, organizations, governments and people from the far right (fascism)’.”

“The mega-retailer is offering at least 13 different sweatshirts ‘made in Mexico of 100% COTTON for all-day comfort’ promoting the group whose activities were ‘formally classified’ by the Obama Administration ‘as domestic terrorist violence’ as early as April 2016, according to Politico, despite the group’s efforts to downplay this determination’.”

If Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart and Sam’s Club, were still alive, there is no way he would allow his stores to carry Antifa promoting merchandise, but those running the company seem to have no sense of morals values and are sending a mixed signal.

With Walmart selling Antifa clothing and Mattel marketing a Barbie doll depicting a Muslim woman who hates America, is there any wonder why our country is rapidly swirling down the cultural toilet?

Walmart has been trying to hire thousands of military veterans and then they turn around and sell the anti-American Antifa clothes. Selling Antifa clothing sends the exact opposite message that hiring veterans send.

In my opinion, Walmart is supporting a terrorist organization that calls for the violence overthrow of our nation and therefore makes them traitors and enemies of America and I intend on letting Walmart know that they are losing a lot of my business and I encourage all of you to do the same.



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