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Many volcanoes go through cycles of dormancy and eruption. Those periods of dormancy are not as peaceful as many realize. Magma and gases deep in the earth move closer to the surface, building up pressure and tension. When those pressures and tensions become too great to contain, the volcano erupts in a violent and often deadly display.

The same thing can be said of international relations between nations of the world. There are long periods of peace, at least on the surface, followed by a violent and deadly eruption.

This happened in July of 1914 with the eruption of World War 1. For decades prior to the eruption of world war, political tensions and pressures were building between many nations. When those pressures and tensions erupted, it pitted a group of Allied nations against a group of Central Power nations. The Allied nations consisted of Belgium, France, Great Britain, Greece, Hejaz (now part of Saudi Arabia), Italy, Japan, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Siam and the United States. The Central Power nations consisted of Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, the German Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

After peace was reached in 1918, like a volcano returning to dormancy, the world seemed peaceful on the surface but tensions and pressures were already beginning to build. In 1939, those pressures and tensions again erupted in a violent and deadly war, once again, pitting many nations against each other. This time, the Allied nations consisted of Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Cuba, Ethiopia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Soviet Union, United Kingdom and the United States. The Axis Powers consisted mostly of Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan and Romania. World War II ended in 1945 and once again the volcano of world war went back into dormancy.

There have been minor eruptions since then, specifically the Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, Afghan Wars and other minor civil wars throughout the world. These minor eruptions were not enough to relieve the building pressures and tensions that would lead to another eruption of world war.

It appears from many indications that those building pressures and tensions may be on the verge of another major world war, which will most likely be more violent and deadlier than the previous world wars.

Yes, I’m talking about North Korea and the United States, South Korea, Japan and the Philippines. There are some indications that Russia would readily side with North Korea. No one yet really knows which side China would take, but it would be to their advantage to side with North Korea as well. Iran has also indicated they would support North Korea.

Tensions in the Middle East are again building to the danger point. Rebels in Yemen recently launched a rocket attack on the Saudi Arabian royal palace in the capital city of Riyadh. Iran and several other Islamic powers are threatening Israel. The tensions there are like two tectonic plates pressuring against each other and are ready for a major slippage.

There are also major tensions between Pakistan and India. There have been minor military skirmishes along their mutual border for years, but now, both countries have nuclear capability and there have been recent threats of using those nuclear weapons against each other.

At this moment, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan and India are all threatening the use of nuclear weapons. They have all formed alliances with other nations. The tectonic plates of political differences have been pressing against each other for years, building up a tremendous amount of pressure and tension.

Like a major volcanic eruption, no one can accurately predict when the eruption will occur, but many will agree that the eruption will happen and that the likelihood of it happening soon are increasing day by day. The same is true with another world war. At this moment, no one knows when it will happen, but all indications show that it will happen and the chances of it happening soon are increasing day by day. When it happens, it will be the most devastating world war in all of history and many millions of people will die and nations will fall. When it happens, heaven help us all.




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