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Have you ever known or heard of someone who miraculously survives one thing only to fall victim to something else later on? I knew an Air Force pilot who had to bail out of two different planes because of mechanical problems. He became so paranoid that he resigned his commission to pursue a safer career. About a year later, a drunk driver swerved and hit him head on, killing him instantly. His wife said he was safer in the air, but that’s hind-sight.

A similar thing happened to Roy McClellan. He survived the mass shooting in Law Vegas that killed 50 and wounded about 500 others. Then he was run down by a Chevy Camaro which kept driving. McClellan died as a result, leaving an angry widow.

(Keep & Bear) – The bodies are piling up among survivors of the Las Vegas shooting.  In less than 2 months, at least five survivors have died suddenly.

The latest is a victim of a hit and run.

Roy McClellan, 52, was killed when a Chevrolet Camaro ran into him and sped away in a hit and run.

KSNV reports:

The crash happened Nov. 17 on Homestead and Highway 160 in Pahrump.

Roy McClellan’s widow, Denise, was left with another wave of heartache.

“I’m angry. I’m angry. I feel that he was under the influence of something or drunk and didn’t want to get caught, so he bailed and left my husband laying there in the street. He doesn’t deserve that,” said Denise McClellan…

Of the people to survive the Route 91 concert shooting, McClellan is the 5th person to die since. Two, a couple, died in a fiery car crash and another died from seizures just few days after the concert massacre. The other person, who was one of those to say there was two shooters, was found dead in home in October.





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