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While the liberal mainstream and local media continues to focus on the epidemic number of drug overdoses, they fail to understand that their, and Democrats’, anti-American policies are largely responsible for the out-of-control drug abuse that is destroying many thousands of lives.

The eight years of Barack Obama, little was done to curb the flow of illegal drugs or immigrants into the United States via the southern border with Mexico and those drugs are the main cause of so many overdoes.

President Donald Trump understands the role Obama’s open border has played and he is renewing his promise to build a border wall to stop the flow of drugs and illegal aliens.

(Keep and Bear) – “We are going to build a wall.” – Donald Trump

One of the driving factors of Donald Trump’s presidential win in 2016 was his policy on building a border wall.

As Americans, we do not want to foot the bill of illegal immigrants in our country, nor do we want the criminals over here killing and stealing from AMERICAN CITIZENS.

After the acquittal of an illegal immigrant who murdered American Kate Steinle, there was a shaking in the foundation of our country. People really began to rally around Trump’s idea of a wall, even those who were originally set against it.

On Friday, Trump assured the we WILL be building a wall as he welcomed the new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen…

Ask any Democrat why they are so against the border wall and they will give you some load of manure about how people in other countries have dreams and want a better life and my answer to them is that let them go through the legal process like so many others do. Ask them about the dangers of terrorists and gangs and they basically can’t answer nor do they believe the problem exists.





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