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When I was younger, it seemed that very few people would ever admit to not being patriotic. It was commonly taught in most public schools, where every day was started with the Pledge of Allegiance. We were taught to respect the American flag, National Anthem, the military and law enforcement. It was an honor to be selected to raise the American flag in the morning at school. We were also taught the US Flag Code, something that I still remember today as I raise the American flag on my flagpole in front of my house every morning that is not inclement weather, per the Flag Code. Additionally, I lower my flag at sunset, since I do not have a light to keep the flag lit at night. I’ve always stood for the playing of the National Anthem and always place my right hand over my heart when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Yes, I am what you would call, very or extremely patriotic, which is why it pains me so deeply to see what Democrats have been doing to the country that I have always loved so dearly.

Over the past 50-60 years, patriotism has changed nearly as much as everything else and not for the best. It’s not the social pariah anymore to admit that you are not patriotic. In some parts of the nation, it seems to be the social norm to be unpatriotic and willing to disgrace the American flag and National Anthem.

The American Culture & Faith Institute conducted a nationwide research into who is and isn’t patriotic. What they found may not or may not surprise you.

Six out of every ten Americans (59%) characterize themselves as either “extremely” (23%) or “very” (36%) patriotic.  About one out of four adults took the middle ground, claiming to be “somewhat” patriotic (28%), while the rest of the public were either less patriotic or not sure.

“Conservatives are far more likely than other people to characterize themselves as extremely patriotic – in fact, about twice as likely to do so than either moderates or liberals.”

‘Conservatives (78%) and Republicans (81%) were more likely than their political counterparts to describe themselves as either ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ patriotic. Far lower on the continuum, but similar to each other, were Moderates (52%) and liberals (51%), with independents (57%) slightly more likely than Democrats (52%) to define themselves as at least ‘very patriotic’.”

“People associated with the Christian faith rated themselves higher in terms of personal patriotism (64% extremely or very patriotic) than did those associated with non-Christian faiths (38%) or with no faith (40%). Within the Christian universe, Protestant Christians rated themselves more highly on the patriotism scale than did Catholics.”

The study also discovered, to no great surprise, that white Americans were more likely to be extremely or very patriotic than Hispanic and black Americans. Black Americans were the least likely to consider themselves to be patriotic.

Additionally, adults 65-years-old and older and born-again Christians were more patriotic than the national norm. Younger adults 30-years-old and younger and skeptics were the least patriotic. The sad and scary part of these figures is that the 65 and older adults and the number of born-again Christians are on the decline, which means the future of America rests in the hands of those least patriotic younger adults and skeptics. This paints a very dim future for America, our grandchildren and their children, who will never know and love the America I knew and loved.





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