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US Attorney General Jeff Sessions does have the authority to take legal action against Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation into Russian interference with the 20116 elections. Some members of Congress have urged Mueller recuse himself due to a conflict of interest since he was Director of the FBI under Barack Obama during the time of the illegal Uranium One deal in which the FBI investigated and then buried the investigation, but Mueller has no intention of recusing himself and it seems that Sessions has turned a blind eye to him.

It now seems that Sessions is waking up and realizing that half of the attorneys hired by Mueller have been donors to various Democrats’ campaigns, including Hillary Clinton, but none ever donated a penny to a Republican.

(Gateway Pundit) – On SATURDAY news ‘leaked’ that a top FBI agent working on Dirty Cop Robert Mueller’s Trump witch hunt was fired after posting several anti-Trump text messages.

The agent was fired from the probe and moved over the the Human Resources department of the FBI.

The firing took place months ago but was just leaked to the liberal mainstream news.

On Saturday night compromised Attorney General Jeff Sessions released a statement on the firing.

Apparently it was the first time he heard of it — which shows what a complete failure he has been in protecting the Trump administration from an out of control and corrupted Special Counsel.

CNN reported:…

If Sessions is just now realizing that Mueller’s team is filled with ‘liberal hacks’ who are Trump haters and will do almost anything to dethrone Trump from office, one has to wonder where his attention has been or what has he been doing? Sessions and Congress should insist that the Mueller team be equally staffed with as many Republicans as Democrats to help insure an impartial investigation. Right now, with the team filled with 100% Trump hating Democrats, there is nothing fair or impartial about it.





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