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In some parts of colonial America, lawyers were considered to be un-reputable and forced to live outside the city limits. Many today still feel that way about lawyers.

When I was growing up, used car salesmen were among the more un-reputable professions in the nation. They were known to lie and say whatever it took in order to sell a car.

Today, I would have to say that being a reporter, commentator, anchor or journalist for any of the mainstream media outlets has to be among the most un-reputable professions in America, with politics being a close second.

This has been clearly proven over the past few weeks by numerous members of the mainstream media.

(Washington Examiner) – Reporters and pundits were fit to be tied Monday after White House press secretary Sarah Sanders accused the press of knowingly spreading misinformation.

It is indeed false to accuse media of spreading “fake news,” as that term has a very specific and definite meaning. There is a difference between being a malicious purveyor of propaganda and being just plain old sloppy.

That’s certainly not the strongest defense for the press, but it is what it is. If newsrooms want to have a truth slug-out with the White House, they’re going to have to be more careful and work harder to not undermine their own credibility.

The president and his minions have been caught several times pushing laughably absurd falsehoods. There really shouldn’t even be a who-is-more-believable battle. But the White House’s “fake news” strategy has traction precisely because newsrooms keep pushing stories that turn out to be false…

If you ever have a chance to talk to one of these members of the mainstream media, you will quickly realize just how un-reputable they are. Their anti-American, anti-decency, anti-gun, anti-conservative and anti-Trump bias is so strong that it clouds their perception of reality and the truth. They remind me of a pathological liar I know who fully believes every lie they tell the second they tell it and that lie becomes their new reality.





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