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There has always been a partisan political division in national politics. If there wasn’t, there wouldn’t be a need for different political parties. However, over the past decade, the partisan division seems to have grown wider and more divisive than ever before. Although both sides are guilty of partisan politics, which political party is guiltier than the other?

Let’s take a short review over the past decade.

In 2009, Democrats controlled the House, Senate and White House. They completely ignored the concerns and questions from Republicans and pushed the Affordable Care Act into law. Many Republicans said that their national healthcare program would cost many jobs.

Within the first couple of years, many people in the medical field lost their jobs. A large number of physicians who had private practices either joined a physicians or hospital medical group. Not only did doctors leave their private practices, but it cost the jobs of everyone that worked with them. Numerous hospitals began laying off staff due to many of the new costly regulations imposed by Obamacare, which ended up doing many of the things Republicans said it would do, but that Democrats denied it would do.

In 2010, Republicans regained control of the House, but Senate Democrats didn’t care as they basically blocked most of what the House sent them.

In 2011, Barack Obama was calling for legislation to create jobs. House Republicans drafted and passed 12 jobs bills. Some of them eliminated regulations that hindered jobs, especially small business jobs. Then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid only read one of the House bills and then decided not to allow it to go any further for consideration. Reid refused to even read any of the other 11 jobs bills he received from the GOP-controlled House, simply because they were from House Republicans. In the meantime, millions of Americans were still left without jobs. Do you know that the Obama administration set a record with over 40 months with unemployment at 8.0% or higher? Republicans tried to help, but the partisan politics of 1 Democrat – Sen. Harry Reid – prevented Republican help.

From 2009 through 2012, congressional Republicans tried every year to submit a federal budget plan, but each year, congressional Democrats and Obama killed every GOP attempt. In 2012, Obama decided to extort Republicans into passing his budget plan, which called for more and more spending and virtually no fiscal responsibility. Republicans tried to offer workable budget plans that controlled spending, but Democrats would not consider any of the GOP proposals. Democrats demanded that Republicans vote for the Democrat’s plan or the government would shut down. This was known as the Sequestration. When Republicans would not blindly vote for the Democrats’ blank check budget plan, the government did shut down and Democrats blamed the Republicans, when it was entirely their refusal to even listen or work with Republicans. Partisan politics reared its ugly head and although it was raised by Democrats, fingers pointed at Republicans.

Republicans tried to get various energy bills, including passage for the Keystone XL Pipeline, but the partisan politics of the Democrats blocked them all, costing thousands of jobs and the loss of energy independence.

The American people were aware of the impassible blockade established by the partisan politics of the Democrats and gave Republicans control of the Senate in the 2014 election. However, Obama reared his ugly partisan political veto stamp and used it on the majority of bills that came to his desk.

From the moment that it was learned that Donald Trump won the 2016 election, Democrats vowed not to cooperate with anything Republicans did. They also vowed to do whatever they could to block everything that Republicans tried to do, just because Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, and they’ve been working hard to do just that. Most of the pieces of legislation that have been passed since Trump was inaugurated, were passed with no, or very few, Democrats voting for them.

Democratic judges are also using their courts to block as many of Trump’s actions as possible. They are not ruling on law, which in most cases is clearly in Trump’s favor, but they are ruling on partisan politics. This was clearly seen with the recent passage of the tax reform bill.

When Democrats had control, Republicans often tried to work with them, but the Democrats refused to listen with or work with the Republicans. Now that Republicans have control, Democrats are still refusing to listen or work with Republicans on many issues.

Yes, both parties are guilty of partisan politics, but over the past decade, Democrats are guiltier than Republicans of partisan politics, which many times, appears to be no different than the actions of a defiant 3-year-old who is pouting over not getting his/her way.




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