NFL Still Losing Fans & Dollars After Week 13

Have you watched any NFL games this year? I’ll admit that I’m a big football fan but I have yet to watch a minute of any NFL game this year and I know of many others who have stopped watching also. I was recording college football games to watch on Sunday afternoons and now we have college basketball.

Millions of others have also tuned out to the NFL and will continue to do so as long as the league allows players to show their disrespect for our National Anthem, Flag and every thing they stand for. That also means that millions of people have stopped watching commercials which means advertisers are losing money. From what I’ve heard, the sale of NFL hats, jerseys and other memorabilia have also taken a sharp drop.

( – It is the NFL’s Week 13, but it is more weak, than “week,” as the league continues to crash and burn in every conceivable way. Every week the league loses more fans, more stadium attendees, more ratings, and more ad revenue, and it has seen its once high perch as “America’s game” dwindle to practically non-existence as the NFL becomes synonymous with Anti-Americanism.

Over the last four NFL weeks photos of the empty stadiums have filled Twitter showing the lack of fan participation. The fact is, even as the TV ratings plummet, stadium attendance has followed suit. And “Weak” 13 was no better than any of the previous game weeks this year.

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To name just a few, The New York Jets were unable to fill MetLife Stadium:


— Ryan Schmitt (@track1408) December 3, 2017

From photos, news and videos online, it seems that many NFL stadiums had many empty seats at their week 13 games. Empty seats not only means loss of revenue to ticket sales, but also a big loss of revenue in the food, drinks and souvenirs sold at the stadiums. I truly hope and pray that this economic fall will result in the collapse in the NFL as we know it and that they understand it was because of their disrespect and then lack of leadership to stop it.

There are thousands of young men willing to play professional football for lower salaries than what the protesting crybabies are being paid. The games may not be quite the same quality, but they should be more entertaining and bring back fans and revenue.

MESSAGE TO NFL – Fire every player who shows disrespect and hire someone else who will stand proud and play hard!




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