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I’ve frequently blasted the mainstream media for not being truthful in most of their reporting. They no longer follow the basic rule of journalism which calls for them to report the news as news without interjecting their own bias or political agenda. For the most part, the mainstream media has become nothing more than the propaganda machine for the far-left anti-American Democratic Party.

I still contend that after a week of cloudy skies, that if President Trump was to comment about how blue the sky looked, the mainstream media would turn it into some kind of anti-climate change statement.

The Daily Wire put together a list of 12 major stories in which the media either buried, forgot, ignored or twisted into something it wasn’t. the bottom line is that there were things they didn’t want us to know.

(Daily Wire) – The American mainstream media proved to be little more than a circus in 2017, with its strong left-leaning bias on full display as many news outlets dedicated their news coverage to being as anti-Trump as possible, injecting politics into every facet of American life.

In its all-out pursuit of destroying President Donald Trump, the media has chosen to bury or ignore several major national news stories.

Here are 12 major national news stories that the media buried, forgot, or ignored in 2017:

  1. Charlottesville — State and local police were held back which allowed the violence to escalate.

The liberal college town hosted an alt-right rally on August 12 that turned deadly when a protestor ran over a woman in his car. The event was used to attack President Trump because he originally condemned all the violence that took place during the rally — which the media falsely claimed was a sign of support for neo-Nazis, KKK members, and white supremacists…

I truly believe that if some of the mainstream media networks like CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS were all to report a major news event honestly without any political bias or twisting, that it would bring the earth to a standstill. I highly recommend that you follow up on the Daily Wire story to learn some of the things the media intentionally hid from you.





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