Liberal Jurors Destroy American Judicial System

As a parent, how would you feel if you were spending a lovely summer afternoon with one of your kids when suddenly you hear a gun shot and your child collapses to the ground next to? You bend down, cradle your child, look into his or her eyes and helplessly watch as the life fades away leaving a blank empty stare looking back up to you. As you lay your child back down on the ground, you see his or her blood all over your hands and then it hits you that what’s on your hands was the life blood of your child.

Then you find out that the person who shot and killed your child was an illegal alien who had been deported 5 times and was just released from the city jail by officials who refused to comply with federal immigration laws and agents. Would you be irate with the city officials who offered protection to the criminal illegal who should have been in jail?

That’s what happened to the father of 32-year-old Kathryn (Kate) Steinle in July 2015. Father and daughter were spending time together walking on the crowded Embarcadero Pier in San Francisco when she collapsed on the pier after the family heard several loud sounds they said sounded like gunfire. Her father tried to give CPR to his daughter, but to no avail. Kate asked her father to help her and then died in her father’s arms, looking back up at him as her life drained away in a pool of blood.

Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, an illegal alien from Mexico was arrested, still holding the .40 caliber gun in his hand. He had been deported 5 times and thanks to Barack Obama’s open border policy, Zarate easily returned to the US each time he was deported.

San Francisco police had arrested Zarate on other charges but just three months before the shooting, Zarate was released from jail and allowed to walk free, in spite of an order from federal immigration officials to hold Zarate until they could pick him up. San Francisco is a sanctuary city that protects illegal aliens.

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For the past several weeks, Zarate has been on trial for the murder of Steinle. His defense attorney claimed the shooting was an accident, that Zarate found the gun and while looking at it, it fired, striking Steinle in the back. Evidently, the jury, composed of San Francisco neo-com liberals who also support protecting illegal aliens because they came back with a verdict of not guilty of first and second-degree murder as well as involuntary manslaughter. If that’s not outrageous enough, the jury also acquitted Zarate on the charge of assault with a semi-automatic weapon.

The only thing that Zarate was found guilty of was possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

I’ve known people who accidentally caused a traffic accident in which someone died who were found guilty of negligent homicide or vehicular homicide, so I don’t understand how the jury could have possibly acquitted the man who did kill Kate Steinle. If it were just an accident, he was still responsible for her death and therefore should still have to pay for it.

The jury has made a mockery of and destroyed the American judicial system with their verdicts! Steinle’s father was in the courtroom as was reported to responded after the verdicts were read that justice was rendered but not served.

The media has been blasting President Trump for his tweet, blasting the acquittal of the murderer of Kate Steinle, but then the media can’t stand the truth or allow President Trump to speak the truth, especially when it involves one of Obama’s protected illegals.

Immigration officials have said they are planning on taking Zarate into custody with plans to send him back to Mexico. They say he is a threat to society and needs to the removed from the country, but based on his history, that’s a very bad idea. Zarate needs to be locked up in an American jail to pay for his felony conviction of possession of a firearm by a felon. Deporting him will be a total injustice to the Steinle family and a disgrace, as was the jury verdicts in this case.

I wonder if Steinle’s dad could file a lawsuit against San Francisco in the wrongful death of Kate. Had city officials obeyed the law, Zarate would have been turned over to immigration agents and removed from the city prior to the tragic murder. Their willful violation of federal immigration officials in the case of Zarate should make them complicit to her death. Someone needs to pay for what happened.



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