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It seems that the only thing sacred to ISIS is ISIS and their particular Islamic faith. They have readily attacked Christians, Jews and even Muslims of sects different than their own. They attack innocent people throughout the world and destroy property, buildings and centuries old relics just to instill fear in the people and further their cause.

Someone once said that ISIS stood for Insane Sunnis Intent on Suicide. Like Christianity and Judaism, Islam has a number of sects or denominations, with the main two being Sunni and Shiite. The founders of ISIS religiously adhered to a fundamentalist form of Sunni, known as Wahhabi. They believe that any other belief, including other Islamic sects are heretical and therefore should be forced to convert to their view or be wiped off the face of the earth.

Their initial goal was to establish a Caliphate which would control most or all of the Middle East and then the world. Anything short of that goal is unacceptable and they are willing to die for their cause.

Sixteen years ago, the world was shocked when Islamic terrorists commandeered 4 airliners filled with passengers and flew them into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. A group of passengers sacrificed themselves to prevent the fourth plane from reaching its intended target. Since that time, we have seen the rise of ISIS and their use of vehicle bombs, suicide bombs and even just using vehicles to run over as many people as possible.

ISIS attacks spread from the Middle East as civil war broke out in Syria along with the strife in Iraq. Tens of thousands of Muslims fled their homes and made their way into various European countries. Hidden among those refugees were some members of ISIS who used the refugee camps as recruiting grounds.

The shocking thing is that it seems ISIS recruiters have been focusing their attention on kids, starting in the refugee camps in the Middle East before turning to the refugee camps in Europe.

According to a report:

“ISIS has entered refugee camps in the Middle East to brainwash women and children into becoming suicide bombers in Europe. That’s according to the European Centre for Counterterrorism and Intelligence Studies.”

“This is ISIS’ latest tactic in the wake of its crippling defeats in Syria and Iraq. The Centre mentions camps in Turkey but says Islamic State is also active in camps in other countries. Lebanon and Jordan are both major destinations for refugees from the fighting. There are also IDP (internally displaced people) camps in Iraq.”

The ECCIS reports that about 200,000 minors were among those that fled the fighting in the Middle East and made their way to various European nations. At least 10,000 of those minors travelled with no parents, making them especially vulnerable to the cunning recruiting of ISIS agents.

The ECCIS also reports that about 30,000 refugee minors from the Middle East in Europe have vanished and no one knows where they are. Its reported that about 1,000 minors in Sweden are missing, 5,000 minors in Italy are missing and untold thousands in Germany are missing. The agency also says that there are about 450 French children and 100 Belgium children listed as being with ISIS.

One of the latest ISIS propaganda videos speaks about massive attacks throughout Europe and possibly the United States that will take place around the Christmas holiday season. Some sources fear that some of these attacks will be carried out by brainwashed minors, recruited and trained by ISIS.

The big question is, how do you defend against innocent looking kids?




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