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Earlier this week, Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old immigrant from Pakistan, tried to carry out a suicide terrorist attack in Manhattan. No one said that suicide terrorists are smart and evidently Ullah wasn’t that smart since he strapped his homemade pipe bomb to his body, only to have it explode prematurely, injuring several others and himself, but no one was killed.

Ullah further demonstrates his wisdom by mocking President Donald Trump as if somehow he is smarter than Trump.

In the wake Ullah’s failed attack, ISIS has taken advantage of the situation by renewing their threats against the United States, promising more attacks.

( – The one guy who shouldn’t be making fun of other people is the dummy who failed in his terrorist suicide attempt in the New York City subways… but here he is mocking President Trump for failing to protect America’s citizens.

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

New York City terror suspect Akayed Ullah posted “Trump, you failed to protect your nation” on Facebook just prior to executing a botched terror bombing of the subway system.

Ullah, a 27-year-old Bangladeshi who moved to the United States on a family immigrant visa in 2011, attempted to cause major damage Monday morning with a homemade pipe bomb at a bus terminal close to Times Square, but the explosion only injured five people.

A criminal complaint filed Tuesday reveals that prior to the bombing, Ullah made a Facebook post that stated: “Trump you failed to protect your nation,” according to NBC News…

The United States have helped drive ISIS out of their strongholds in Syria and Iraq, but the organization is far from being destroyed. Many of them fled to other countries, including some in southeast Asia. They are taking their terrorist activities to more parts of the world and have often pointe at the US as a prime target and Obama’s open border may have allowed untold numbers of them into the US.





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