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Many Democrats are pushing for some form of amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants here in the United States. For some reason, they feel compelled to reward foreigners who chose to violate US federal laws by coming to the United States illegally.

Yes, I’m aware of the argument of the so-called Dreamers, but I don’t buy the argument. Yes, they were brought here by their parents when they were under-age, but that doesn’t mean they are innocent today. Many of them are now old enough to take action to rectify their status as illegal aliens. They have had years to apply for legal status or do whatever it takes to become legal, but most of them have not taken any action, so why should they be rewarded?

Additionally, the nearly 1 million Dreamers are costing US taxpayers a fortune. These illegal Dreamers are taking advantage of free education, paid for by you and me. Many take jobs away from American citizens. Many of them are recipients of some form of government assistance program, paid for by you and me.

Besides, don’t American citizens have more right to dream of a successful future in America, than illegal foreigners?

But what happens if Democrats get their way and somehow manage to push for amnesty to the 11-20 million illegal aliens currently living in the United States?

If Democrats obtain amnesty for just the 800,000 Dreamers, what many don’t realize is that they are just the tip of a dangerous iceberg that could cause severe damage to America in a number of ways.

Have you ever heard of chain migration? Historically, when amnesty is granted to one illegal alien, it opens up a chain to more migration, including the rest of that illegal alien’s immediate family and other relatives.

For example, if a 30-year-old married illegal male is granted amnesty, immigration rights are extended to his wife and kids, so the amnesty for 1 is suddenly the amnesty for 4-6 or more. It usually extends to his parents, brothers and sisters and their families along with his wife’s parents, brothers and sisters and their families. Suddenly, the amnesty for 1 has resulted in the automatic immigration of dozens. Once the siblings and their families are here, immigration is extended to their spouse’s parents, brothers and sisters and their families and so on.

That 1 illegal granted amnesty is only the tip of a huge iceberg of other immigrants that can quickly add up to hundreds. Now multiply that times the 800,000 Dreamers here in the US. Or multiply that by the 11-20 million total illegal aliens currently in the US.

This is what chain immigration is and what it can quickly do.

Now think about the impact of millions of immigrants arriving here in the country as a result of an amnesty program. They WILL take jobs away from many American citizens. Their arrival WILL put added stress on already financially stressed public schools. They WILL increase the need to for more government assistance, paid for by you and me. Who is going to pay for their medical needs? They WILL tend to live in proximity to each other, which historically drops property values and increases crime in those areas. I’ve seen this first hand in a number of places in Arizona and elsewhere.

Any form of amnesty for illegal aliens WILL result in devastating effects here in America, much like what the iceberg did to the Titanic a century ago. The Titanic was sunk due to the damage caused by the unseen part of the iceberg, not what was seen on the surface, and the same is true with the amnesty iceberg.



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