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Years ago, a friend of mine was a journalism major in college. He often told me that his professors all emphasized how important it was for a good journalist to remain as politically neutral as possible when writing about news events. Over and over, he was told to keep his personal views and opinions out of his journalistic reporting or he would never get anywhere in the field. That was about 45-years ago.

In today’s world of journalism, I don’t think there is a single journalist working for any media network, regardless of how liberal or conservative the network is, that doesn’t filter what they report or write, through their personal political ideology.

Many journalists strive to maintain a sense of professionalism in their reporting while others simply use their positions to push their personal political ideologies in hopes of swaying as many people as possible.

As for the truth behind any news story, it often gets lost in the ideology of the journalist, or should I say, reporter or commentator. This has been especially evident over the past 10-years as the majority of the mainstream media networks have turned to the dark side of the extreme left, to the point that they are incapable of just reporting the truth. They go out of their way to twist it into something it’s not, just to paint an ugly picture of those they don’t like.

For instance, when President Donald Trump announced that he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and was moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the majority of the mainstream media reacted as if Trump just launched World War III or committed some heinous crime. The media barely mentioned that Russia officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel months earlier of that Israel as a sovereign nation has the right to declare whatever city within their border as their capital.

Over the past couple of years, some of the mainstream media have been caught creating fake news stories just for the purpose of smearing President Trump and Republicans. But when it comes to real events that aren’t controversial, the idiocy of the mainstream media drives them to twist it into something controversial.

Here are several of the more recent stories to prove my point. A CNN reporter was caught spreading a fake news story concerning the now infamous fake Trump dossier which many still believe to be the impetus behind the Special Counsel investigation. When President Trump blasted the CNN reporter for his fake story, CNN accused Trump of obsessing over his tweeted accusations against CNN as being a fake news network.

Many in the mainstream media have condemned Trump for the costs of his frequent trips to his Florida residence, which he owns. Then, prominent news organization tried to create a political scandal out of the fact that President Trump has not held any official state dinners. Is there anything wrong with not holding state dinners? No, but according to the media, there seems to be.

Now, the mainstream media is labeling First Lady Melania Trump as being a ‘tree killer’ as if she is some kind of psychopathic anti-environment hater. The truth is that a magnolia tree that was planted on the grounds of the White House when Andrew Jackson was president has become a danger to people. Most trees have a certain lifespan, just like people. Ask any orchard farmer about how long his trees will live and produce before they begin to die and need to be cut down and replaced.

When I lived in Arizona, citrus growers had to constantly inspect their groves of trees. When they found a tree that was unhealthy, getting old and dying, it was cut down and replaced with a new tree. One citrus farmer I knew was worried because most of his trees were planted by his great grandfather and many of them were approaching that age where they needed to be removed and replaced and he wasn’t sure he could afford to replace as many that needed replacing.

The same thing is true with the magnolia tree at the White House. Melania Trump called in an arborist to inspect the tree and it was recommended that if the entire tree wasn’t removed that portions of it needed to be removed due to safety concerns about it falling on anyone.

Just for trying to watch out for the safety of anyone on the White House grounds and care for a historical tree, Melania Trump is being blasted by the media. They aren’t capable of just reporting that parts of a historic magnolia tree need to be removed for safety reasons and the health of the tree, but they have to make it out to be some kind of state scandal.

Their idiocy and lunacy has gotten so bad, that if President Trump were remark how blue the sky looked, they would turn it into some kind of anti-climate change comment. If he were to say he liked dogs more than cats, they would turn that into some anti-pet scandal and plaster the media with photos of cute cats.

The days of journalistic integrity are gone, replaced by network propaganda machines working for the forces of the dark side – anti-American Democrats.



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