Geraldo Rivera Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Bette Midler

Have you ever seen a child who feared they were about to be left out of something important or wanting to receive something others received? What’s the first thing they usually say? ‘Me too, me too, me too’. Sometimes it seems that is the mentality sweeping through many celebrities, male and female, who don’t want to be left out of the sexual misconduct epidemic is attacking the hallowed grounds of stardom.

Actress and songstress Bette Midler has just accused Geraldo Rivera of sexually harassing her move than 25-years ago and is now demanding an apology from him. She alleges that Rivera and his producer drugged her back in the 1970s and then both men groped her while she was under the influence of the drugs.

(Independent) – Singer and actress, 71, alleges presenter harassed her in incident over 25 years ago.

Bette Midler has asked for an apology from Fox News presenter Geraldo Rivera, who she has accused of sexual misconduct.

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The singer and actress, who first made an allegation against the former talk show host more than 25 years ago, renewed her accusation after Rivera apologised for calling the news business “flirty” following Today host Matt Lauer’s firing by NBC.

Midler, 71, took to Twitter to share a video clip of an interview from 1991, in which she alleged that Rivera and his producer had drugged and “groped” her in the early 1970s…

Midler says that after she saw Rivera’s tweet supporting Matt Lauer who was just fired from NBC over a growing number of sexual allegations that she wants to receive an apology from Rivera for his own actions. Chances are that by this time next year, hundreds of actors, actresses, producers, directors, singers, songstresses, promoters and agents will have faced the ‘me too’ accusations.




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