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Gun violence, mass shootings, armed robberies, domestic violence and more. If you listen to the mainstream media, neo-com anti-gun Democrats and anti-gun groups, you will believe that the number one use of guns is for crimes, violence mayhem and murder. Other than that, there seems to be little use for guns, according to them.

They forget that there is still a large contingency of the American population that enjoys hunting. Some families still hunt for food. I know growing up, my parents didn’t have a lot of money and we relied on deer season to help feed the family. In a good year, we could harvest several deer. We butchered and packaged up the meat ourselves and put them in the freezer. My parents got an adapter for the mixer that allowed us grind up the scraps for ground venison. We even kept the heart, liver, kidneys and tongue as very little of the deer went to waste. One or two deer could feed our family of six for months and help save on the food bill. We also hunted for rabbits, dove, quail, turkey, elk, javelina and more. I’ll tell you now that bear meat is really greasy and strong, but to a hungry family, it helps fill the bellies. We also fished a lot and ate what we caught – bluegills, bass, catfish, crappie and trout. There were times we could go for several months without having to buy meat for the family and even back then that saved tons of money that went for clothes, bills and other necessities.

As more wilderness disappears, hunting has decreased but in some areas, it’s still a big part of life.

Many people also enjoy target shooting, but like hunting, this seems to be on the decline, partially because ammunition isn’t cheap.

But if you eliminated hunting and target shooting, what are most guns used for?

As stated above, if you listen to the anti-gun media, politicians and groups, you’ll believe that crime is the top use, but you would be so very wrong.

What about using guns for self-protection? That question was posed to Ashraf Mozayani, Director of Forensic Science in Harris County, Texas (Houston) and professor at Texas Southern University. She responded:

“Very very low number you are looking that somebody protects themselves with the gun.”

“I have been the lab director and chief toxicologist for Harris County Institute of Forensic Science or at that time we called the medical examiner’s office from 1996 to 2012.,”

“In any medical examiner office every morning you usually sit at the table and see every case that comes to the office.”

In 2016, 371 of the 478 homicides and 285 of the 500 suicides involved a gun, seeming to support what Mozayani said. However, these statistics omit one very important aspect of gun use that seems completely ignored by Mozayani and others and that is self-defense.

How many times are guns used by someone to defend themselves or stop mass shootings?

In October 2015, I posted a partial list of instances where a law-abiding citizen with a gun either prevented a mass shooting from happening or stopped a mass shooting in progress, saving untold lives. Since that time, there have been more instances of someone with a legal gun saving lives and even stopping mass shootings.

One such instance took place the day after Thanksgiving, but since the mass shooting never happened, the media didn’t report how legal concealed carry guns stopped it, but I reported it and want to use it as another of many examples of how legal guns have saved many lives.

“Friday afternoon, a gunman opened fire in the parking lot at the auto shop, killing one employee and paralyzing another. The manager and another employee were legally armed and returned fire, shooting the shooter twice and stopping what would have been another mass shooting.”

Over the years, I’ve also reported numerous incidents of people using their guns in their homes to defend themselves against intruders. Kids, wives, widows, moms, sons, father, husbands have used their guns for self-protection, but these are all ignored by the anti-gun liberals. They don’t care if you are not able to defend yourself and fall victim to a criminal.

I once used a gun to save my life that was being threatened by four illegal aliens who were trying to drive me off the highway and down a cliff the dropped off several hundred feet. If it had not been for the gun I had with me, they would have sent my car over the cliff, killing me. Instead, I pointed my gun at them and they back off. Several miles down the road, I spotted a highway patrol officer, so I stopped and reported what happened. As I was talking to the officer, their car passed by and I pointed it out and the patrolman went after them and pulled them over. They were arrested and charged with reckless driving and attempt homicide with a motor vehicle. I found out later that all four were illegals.

Nationwide, thousands of people use their guns to save their lives and lives of others.  Many people never report the incident so I’m not sure how anyone would go about putting a number on it or making it a viable statistic.

That’s the one statistic that is hard to gather and report and is often the key forgotten statistic in the arguments over gun control and gun violence.



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