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Over the past decade, many university and college campuses have taken steps to limit the free speech of students and guest speakers, and those steps have mostly been targeted at conservatives and Christians.

Last year we saw some campuses cancel guest speakers like Ann Coulter, because they are conservatives and the schools were afraid that liberal activists would turn to violence if the speakers were allowed.

Rep. Bob Rommel, a Republican in the Florida state House has introduced a bill that would protect the 1st Amendment right of free speech on college campuses, a bill which many university and college officials are most likely against.

(Keep and Bear) –  Florida State Representative Bob Rommel introduced a new campus bill to protect free speech. In doing so, it will also dearly cost those who wish to censor that speech.

According to the new bill, there will be hefty fines for any person who violates free speech, and anyone who is violated may seek damages in court of “$500 plus $50 a day for continuing violations, up to $100,000.”

 Washington Examiner reports: 

In the wake of a Richard Spencer fiasco at the University of Florida, along with many other instances nationwide, many legislators are concerned about the increasing number of attacks on campus free speech, especially those with campuses in their districts.

The bill, which Rommel maintains was not prompted by the appearance of Spencer at the University of Florida in October, would have punished the school if they initially attempted to block his appearance…

Some campuses have created free speech zones in out of the way places on campus where few trod and even then, in order to speak freely, one must get permission from the free-speech hating school officials. They have also taken measures to eliminate some conservative or Christian campus organizations and some students have been suspended for speaking out against the liberal left.





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