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Thanks to the open border policy of Barack Obama and the Democrats, drug cartels ruled much of the border in the southwestern United States. In 2013, I reported about a number of interviews made with ranchers in southern Arizona and the all told the same story. Rancher Dan Bell reported that he sees illegals crossing on a daily basis.  Bell’s ranch borders Mexico and it’s not only illegals crossing the border but the drug cartels use his property as a regular pathway to smuggle their illegal drugs into the US.

In a video report released in 2013 by The Blaze, a number of Arizona ranchers spoke out that not only are illegals and drugs crossing the border on a regular basis, but that much of the southern border area of Arizona is run by drug cartel law, not American law.  One rancher interviewed and named only as Mary, because she was afraid that the cartels would retaliate against her for speaking out, told The Blaze:

“It’s not our country anymore.  We may be bound to the laws of our country, but we’re living by the law of the cartels.”

Is it any wonder why there has been an opioid epidemic in the United States over the past couple of years? Is it any wonder why so many people are dying of drug overdoses?

Yet, Obama did nothing to secure the border or slow down the flow of drugs.

In early 2015, it was reported that ISIS was working with some of the Mexican drug cartels in hopes of finding ways into the United States. An ISIS camp was reported to be in northern Mexico, within 8 miles of the US border.

Yet, Obama did nothing to secure the border to prevent ISIS terrorists from entering the country.

In December 2015, a group of Middle Eastern Muslim illegals were detained 30 miles inside the US border in southern Arizona. They were carrying stainless steel cylinders, which could be used for a number of different terrorist actions.

Yet, Obama did nothing to secure the border.

Obama is no longer in office and we finally have an administration who cares about national security, securing the border and enforcing federal immigration laws and this administration is also aware of the growing terrorist presence south of the border as reported:

“The merging of Iranian-backed terrorist groups with transnational criminal organizations in Latin America has become a mounting national security threat to the United States, according to several U.S. and foreign officials.”

“South America’s tri-border region, where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay converge, is of particular concern given the longstanding presence of Hezbollah militants, who operate as money launderers for drug cartels. The collaboration generates tens of millions of dollars for the Iranian terror proxy with a cut set aside for drug lords.”

“The 10th Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum brought together Trump administration officials, U.S. lawmakers, and 150 foreign delegates from over 50 countries on Thursday to discuss joint efforts to combat global terrorist financing.”

Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC) organized the event and told the media:

“Hezbollah has been there for a couple of decades, but you now have an expansion of it. The tri-border area is fairly open, it needs more oversight, particularly with the flow of cars, boats, etcetera involved in narcotics and illicit financing.”

The report goes to say that US officials have long warned of the growing terrorist activities in Latin America, which makes one wonder why Obama never did anything to secure the border or prevent the influx of terrorists into the US over the open southern border? It also makes one wonder with this growing threat why Democrats in general are so against securing our southern border? Don’t they care about national security? Do they want US cities to be targeted like we’ve seen in Paris, Brussels, London, Manchester and other European locations?

This is another reason why electing Democrats is so dangerous and should be avoided at all cost!



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