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Right off the bat, I want you to understand that Delaware is the state voted Joe Biden to the US Senate from 1973 through 2009 when he became Barack Obama’s Vice President. If you study Biden and his political views, you will find that many of them are foundational socialist views, as are the views of many Democratic politicians in America today.

One of the foundational policies of socialism is to destroy the strong family structure. This includes redefining marriage and undermining parental authority over their children. The Obama administration successfully redefined marriage which was step 1 in destroying the strength of the family structure.

Since Obama and Biden assumed their esteemed positions in 2009, Democrats across the nation have been consistently undermining parental authority. Planned Parenthood has played a key role in undermining parental authority by teaching that sex in okay and you don’t have to tell your parents. They have also provided contraceptives, including condoms, to kids without parental knowledge or consent.

Public schools have become institutions for socialist brainwashing of kids, often in ways intentionally hidden from parents. Adopting policies for extending privileged rights to transgender students is another way of undermining parental authority by forcing kids to be exposed to members of the opposite sex without parental knowledge or consent.

The Delaware Department of Education tried to do just that by proposing a new policy, Resolution 225, that would allow students to determine what race and what gender they are without any input from their parents nor any consent or knowledge of their parents.

Before the DDE could formally adopt their new policy, parents found out about and they spoke out against it as well as mounted an effort to stop Resolution 225 from becoming an official policy. A petition drive was launched and it quickly gathered over 8,000 signatures from concerned and angry parents.

Nicole Theis, the leader of the Delaware section of the Family Policy Alliance, delivered the signed petitions and comments to the governor’s office as well as to the Delaware Department of Education. As reported by Family Policy Alliance:

“Last month, we told you about a push by the Delaware Department of Education to allow school children to self-identify their sex – as well as their race – without their parents’ input.  With backing from the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and the leading LGBT lobbying group, it looked like this policy would sail through.”

“But then the radical policy ran into a wall of opposition orchestrated by Nicole Theis, who heads Family Policy Alliance’s allied organization, Delaware Family Policy Council.  She reached out to parents and other concerned citizens to inform and rally them to action – and even made an appearance on Fox & Friends.  As a result, in the last week Nicole and her team delivered 8,000 comments and petitions to the Governor and the Department of Education.”

“In response to the overwhelming opposition, the state announced that it is pulling the proposed regulation and sending it back for ‘substantive changes’.”

“The proposed rule (Regulation 225) would have, among other things, forced schools to let teenage boys use girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms.”

Theis commented that Regulation 225 is a prime example of the conflict between LBGT (specifically transgender) policies – agendas and parental authority.

Parents won a victory in Delaware, but many believe it to be a short-lived victory as the LGBT activists pushing Resolution 225 will not give up until they impose their alleged privileges over and at the expense of the majority of normal people.

What’s ironic is that socialist Democrats are eager to use the LGBT agenda to help them tear down the social constructs that pose the greatest obstacles to their anti-American agenda, but once those social constructs have been overcome or destroyed, the socialists will turn their tyrannical policies against the same LGBT activists that once helped them. Blindly, the LGBT activists have no idea they are being used and that use will only lead to their own demise.




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