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For the past decade, California’s neo-com Democrats have been racing to enact more gun control measures than anywhere else in the nation. That goes with their agenda to enact as many socialist policies, including cap and trade, as possible. They want to lay the hammer of tyranny down on the people as hard as possible.

If you thought Gov. Jerry Brown was a flaming socialist Democrat, then take a look at the latest actions of the state’s Lieutenant Governor, Gavin Newsome, who once served at mayor or the most liberal city in the nation – San Francisco.

Newsome took to Twitter to notify the NRA that he intends to come after the guns of the people in order to stop mass shootings and gun violence.

(Keep and Bear) – California’s Lt. Governor (and likely next Governor) Gavin Newsome is as liberal as they come. He was a popular mayor in California’s most liberal city, San Fransisco, and he’s a rising star in California’s Democrat Party. All of that being said, it’s obvious that he toes the line on most of the most sacred beliefs of the Democrat Party, in particular he’d love nothing more than to take away the rights of his citizens to keep and bear arms.

As evidence of that fact, he recently tweeted out this gem of idiocy.

Gavin Newsom


It’s been 5 years since 20 first graders were shot dead at Sandy Hook.

Since then:
14 killed in San Bernardino
49 killed in Orlando
58 killed in Vegas
26 killed in a Texas church

We have a message for the @NRA: If you hurt people, we ARE coming for your guns.

12:28 PM – Dec 14, 2017

Here’s the problem for Mr. Newsome…

Newsome, like so many other agenda driven socialists ignore the facts that destroy their flawed arguments. In this case, none of the mass shootings were members of the NRA. Furthermore only 1 was a ‘legal’ gun owner while the rest were not allowed to own or possess guns, yet they got them anyway. He also forgets that the San Bernardino shooting her refers to was carried by Islamic terrorists, one of whom was allowed into the US because of Obama’s failed vetting process.





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