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Many eyes are eagerly watching the case before the US Supreme Court involving Christian baker and artist Jack Phillips, the Christian owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop who turned down an order for a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding of a Colorado gay couple. Phillips was willing to sell them anything else but said that due to his strong Christian belief that he could not participate in their wedding by making their cake.

Phillips is far more than a just a baker, he is an artist who paints elaborate designs on cakes and could not bring himself to violate his faith to provide a piece of his artwork for a gay wedding. Naturally, the gay couple filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, claiming they had been unfairly discriminated against due to their sexual orientation. Since Colorado is largely run by neo-com Democrats, the Civil Rights Commission upheld the complaint and found Phillips guilty of discrimination.

With the help of Alliance Defending Freedom, his case went through the appeal process and is now in the hands of the US Supreme Court. Phillips’ main line of defense is the First Amendment right of freedom of religion. The decision of the US Supreme court in Phillips’ case will determine if Christian business owners have the legal right to live by their faith or if they will be forced to defy their religion or change their business practices. In Phillips case, he has temporarily stopped providing wedding cakes for anyone so as not get into the same situation again but if that ends up to be permanent, it will be a travesty and loss of business for a very talented man.

In the meantime, Blaine Adamson of Lexington, Kentucky is experiencing the same persecution over his Christian faith as Jack Phillips has been enduring.

Adamson runs Hands on Originals, a shop that prints designs and logos on t-shirts. In 2012, organizers of the Lexington gay pride festival, Gay and Lesbian Services Organization (GLSO), asked Adamson to print t-shirts for the event and he politely turned them down explaining it was due to his Christian faith, but then he recommended other shops in the area that would be glad to print their shirts.

Like what happened in Colorado with Jack Phillips, the GLSO went to the Lexington Human Rights Commission who ruled that Adamson violated the city’s fairness ordinance that bans discrimination based upon anyone’s sexual orientation.

Adamson contacted Alliance Defending Freedom, the same legal firm that is representing Jack Phillips. They appealed the decision issued by the city civil rights commission, but like in Colorado, the appeals court upheld the ordinance that is not fair to everyone, just the liberals on the far left.

ADF even pointed out that Adamson offered to contact another printer for the group who would print the shirts at the same price, but the LGBT activists refused. In a press release, ADF stated:

“The GLSO rejected Blaine’s offer and filed a discrimination complaint.”

“If the situation were reversed, would a homosexual printer be forced to print material stating that homosexuality is morally wrong. Or would an African American be forced to print shirts promoting a Klu Klux Klan rally? Of course not.”

Martin Cothran, Senior Policy Analyst with the Kentucky Family Foundation commented on what’s happening with Adamson:

“Our group has asked our constituents to pray for the t-shirt company in this case. They’re standing up for the beliefs that Christians have, that they should be able to practice their faith freely and should not be forced to say things that conflict with their religious beliefs.”

ADF has announced that they are taking Adamson’s case to the Kentucky Supreme Court, which has yet to set a date for a hearing.

I’ve heard from several sources over the past couple of years that some LGBT people look at the Christian Yellow Pages or other forms of advertising and listings that identify companies as being Christian run and those are the businesses they target in hopes of being refused so they can file a lawsuit. They have three goals in filing the lawsuits. They are to get easy money, get publicity and to hopefully shut down Christian businesses because they pose such a threat to their anti-biblical sinful agenda.

I don’t know if either Phillips or Adamson were listed in the Christian Yellow Pages, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they had because it has happened and will continue to happen, especially if the US Supreme Court rules against Phillips. If that happens, it will be like announcing open hunting season on all Christian run businesses in America.



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