Change Presidents and Deportations Surge

Barack Obama often tried to say that under his administration there were still a significant number of deportations of illegal aliens, but then his administration also had a record number of releases especially those with felony convictions. Border Patrol agents were frustrated that they were not allowed to do the jobs they were sworn to do.

Nearly a year with Donald Trump in the White House, deportations are surging forward and in some cases, it’s the liberal courts that are the only delay in the process of sending thousands of illegal aliens back to their home countries. Border Patrol agents are happy and excited that they are finally able to do the jobs they were hired to do.

( – With new reports from ICE, it is clear that President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign promises to “do something” about illegal immigration can be marked as a “promise kept.” Not only has illegal immigration slowed, but arrests and deportations of criminal illegals are way up since he took office.

Trump’s first fiscal year is now over and reports are beginning to roll in across his administration and that includes some of the final information from the Border Patrol, and the Departments of Immigration and Homeland Security. And according to the U.S. Border Patrol, the situation on the border is markedly different compared to Obama’s disastrous years in office.

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For instance, a look at the newly reported numbers shows the number of aliens caught during illegal border crossings is now at a 45-year low since January. This indicates that the lower number of foreigners trying to enter illegally is way, way down. In addition, detainment and deportation of illegal aliens in the rest of the country have gone way up…

If this sound encouraging, just think of what would happen if President Trump gets his border wall built? It would not only drastically cut the number of illegal aliens but it would also put a huge crimp in the flow of illegals and dangerous drugs into the country which in turn would help reduce the opioid overdose epidemic that has plagued the nation over the past several years.




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