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If you were asked if you thought America’s best days, historically speaking are behind or ahead of us, how would you answer? How do you think most likely voters would answer?

Rasmussen Reports recently asked likely voters the following question:

“When you think about our nation in the context of history, are America’s best days in the future or in the past?”

According to the results of their survey, it appears that the future outlook of America is improving in the eyes of voters, as Rasmussen reported:

“A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that, when thinking about the nation in the context of history, 43% of Likely U.S. Voters now think America’s best days are in the future, while 36% think they’re in the past. Twenty-one percent (21%) are undecided.”

“This is a shift from June, when 52% of voters thought America’s best days were already behind us, while just 36% thought they were still to come. A year ago, shortly after the 2016 presidential election, 47% said America’s best days were still ahead while 33% felt those days had come and gone.”

“But there are noticeable partisan differences: 50% of Republicans and 43% of voters not affiliated with either major political party think the country’s best days lie ahead, while 41% of Democrats think they’re in the past. Nearly as many Democrats (37%), though, think they’re in the future.”

Apparently, many of the people responding to the survey have a short view of history with which they are comparing the future to. If they are thinking back on the eight years of Barack Obama and the Democrats, then yes, I would have to agree that our nation does have a somewhat brighter future with Trump and Republicans in control, but overall, I truly believe that America’s best days are behind us and that America is so far down the slippery slope to destruction that only a miracle from God can save us.

I remember when America was still a predominately a Christian nation and many of the judicial and social laws were largely based on biblical principles and teaching. In those days, most businesses were closed on Sundays and everyone knew that they did their shopping and business Monday through Saturday, but Sunday was reserved for church and worship. No one dared say anything blasphemous about God, Jesus or the Bible.

In public school, we were still allowed to pray and read from the Bible in class. We were also taught patriotism and respect. We recited the Pledge of Allegiance with our right hand over our heart and no one dared protest or refuse. Schools also taught real history, arithmetic and subjects that were useful in life, rather than teaching a false and re-written history or serving as nothing more than a brainwashing institution for the socialists trying to ruin our nation.

The predominate social structure was the traditional marriage of one man with one woman. Fathers were still looked up to as being wise family leaders and not bungling idiots as they are so often portrayed today.

The majority of the people still ruled, instead of a whining minority. Decency was still a strong social issue. Homosexuality was still considered to be an unacceptable sin and something to keep hidden. Many states still had sodomy laws and sex was wrong outside of marriage.

With a nation that still adhered to God’s teachings, we didn’t have near the crime or violence. At my high school, there were many pickup trucks with gun racks having one or two guns in them. There were no gun thefts nor were there any mass school shootings. The majority of guys carried a pocket knife, which was used for many tasks and it wasn’t a problem nor was it a threat.

We also respect other people and people’s property. We didn’t even consider walking across other people’s lawns without their permission and it was a time when many homes didn’t lock their doors. Kids were safe to play outside and even girls were safe walking to and from school or a nearby store.

There are so many other things about America in my early days that even with Trump and Republicans in control, that I do not see coming back. To answer the Rasmussen question, I recall an America that was far better than anything I see in the future, therefore, I would have to answer that the good times are behind us and the future seems dismal at best. Unless America as a nation (leaders and people) repent of their sins, kneel, pray for forgiveness and return to God. Then and only then could the future be as good or better than the past.




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