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The past few years, the media has been filled with reports of serial killers and mass murders.

Most definitions of a serial killer specify that the person has to have killed three or more people over a period of time, generally at least a month of more apart with an emotional cooling off period in between. This differs from a mass murderer, who kills four or more people at one time. Many say there are problems with the definition above, which is based off of what the FBI defines as a serial killer. However, there may not need to be a cooling off period in between murders, so for the purpose of this writing, a serial killer will be defined as someone who has murdered three or more people over any given period of time, but not all at the same incident.

Serial killers are generally considered to be white males. Such as some of America’s most infamous serial killers like the Zodiac killer who killed 37 people; Donald Gaskins (the Hitchhiker’s killer) who killed 80-90 people; Ted Bundy who killed around 30 people; Charles Cullen who killed 40 elderly people in New Jersey; Patrick Kearney (the Trash Bag Killer) who  killed at least 32 people; Dennis Raider (BTK murderer) who killed 10 people; John Haigh (Acid Bath Murderer) who killed up to 9 people; Jeffery Dahmer (Milwaukee Cannibal) who killed 17 people and John Wayne Gacy who killed 33 people.

There are exceptions to the norm, such as Aileen Wuornos who killed 7 men.

The media wants you to believe that serial killers only exist in America and that it’s all due to guns, but they would be so wrong as usual. Some of the world’s most notorious serial killers were not American, such as Luis Garavito (the Beast) in Colombia who killed over 300 people; Tsutomu Miyazaki (Human Dracula – Otaku Murderer – Little Girl Murderer) who killed 4 people in Japan; Ahmad Suradji (Sorcerer) from Indonesia who killed 42 people; Alexander Pichushkin (Chessboard Killer) from Russia who killed at least 48 and as many as 60 people; Andrei Chikatilo (Butcher) from Russia who kills 53 people and Pedro Rodriguez Filho (Brazilian Maniac) from Brazil who killed at least 71 people.

Now meet what some are saying could be the world’s youngest serial killer who most likely is now free and walking the streets of his homeland.

Amardeep Sada, of India began killing when he was only 7-years-old. When caught at the age of 8, Sada admitted to killing 3 babies, one of which was his infant sister, another a cousin and the third from another family in his village. Reports say that he took his 6-month old sister out away from his village, picked up a stone and beat her to death. He then buried her in a shallow grave.

When questioned, he not only admitted his crimes, but he seemed to have no idea that what he did was wrong, evidence of a psychopathic person who often doesn’t know wrong from right.

Since he was a juvenile, he could not be tried as adult under Indian law and could only be sentenced to a juvenile facility until he turned 18. Sada is now 18 and all anyone is saying is that he is no longer in detention. It’s suspected that he has changed his name and moved to another village to start all over. Was he rehabilitated? How can you rehabilitate someone who doesn’t think what they did was wrong?

Yes, serial killers can be men, women and just mere boys. One never knows, until it’s too late.




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