War Games Begin Off Korean Coast

The reason North Korea hates the United States with a passion is that they want a unified Korea and they blame the United States for the separation of North and South Korea and for maintaining a military presence in South Korea which prevents North Korea from invading. As long as the US maintains its support of South Korea, there will always be tensions between North Korea and America.

Since every show of military force or might by the United States in the vicinity of the Korean peninsula is seen as an act of aggression by North Korea’s current tyrant Kim Jong-un.

He must be really fuming at the moment, because today is day 3 of a 4-day war games training involving South Korean military forces and the US military. The bulk of the largest war games training to date is being conducted off the eastern coast of South Korea, but it is sure to send Kim into a boiling rage.

The South Korean military will join a rare U.S. Navy exercise off the coast of the Korean Peninsula this weekend.

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The country’s joint chiefs of staff (JCS) announced Friday that South Korea will send seven of its warships—including two Aegis Combat System–equipped vessels, one destroyer and four frigates—to join three U.S. aircraft carriers deployed in the Western Pacific that will perform their first joint drill in a decade.

“The training is aimed at restraining North Korea’s nuclear and missile provocations and showing our military’s strong willingness to act and military preparedness,” the JCS said, quoted in the local press.

The drills are scheduled to take place from November 11-14 in the East Sea, also known as the Sea of Japan in an ongoing naming dispute between South Korea and Japan…

The US is using 3 aircraft carriers along with 11 Aegis ships as part of the maneuvers. The purpose of the war games is to better coordinate the combined forces in case there is need to use them against a North Korean attack. This is first such war games effort between the ally nations since 2007 when they were conducted near Guam.




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