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Great strides had been made to mend the ethnic divide in America over the past 40 years until Barack Obama occupied the White House. Forgetting that he was half white, Obama sided with black activists. Before the White House, he marched with members of the radical New Black Panthers. Once in the White House, he used his position to free two of the New Black Panther members he marched with from a certain conviction for voter intimidation during the 2008 election.

Obama continued to pour gasoline on the fires of racial hatred. Instead of siding with law enforcement officers who did their job and protected their own lives, he sided with the black criminals who resisted police and ended up dead.

Eight years of Obama’s racial empowerment led to idiotic liberal fanaticism in attacking and destroying as many Civil War statutes, monuments and memorials as possible. They got so carried away in seeing racism everywhere they looked that some even attacked and defaced a bust of Abraham Lincoln, the president who ended slavery. The racial hatred has become so extreme that anyone still proud to be a southerner and shows it with a Confederate flag is automatically labeled a racist hater, bigot, white supremacist and much worse.

The same idiotic lunacy is now happening with the ‘me too’ sexism craze. Some liberals are seeing sexism everywhere they look, even though none is intended. One such fanatic has demanded that her local school ban the book based upon Disney’s Sleeping Beauty because it promotes inappropriate sexual behavior.

Her complaint rests on the scene where the prince bends down and kisses Sleeping Beauty. After all the girl is asleep and cannot give permission to be kissed, so the actions of the prince are sexist by his taking such liberty.

It gets better. Others have also questioned some of Disney’s other films and features.

Take Snow White for example. What’s a single pretty young woman doing living in such small quarters with 7 men, even if they are dwarfs? It’s been pointed out that perhaps that’s why they were always happy and whistling.

There is also criticism about Cinderella and other Disney stories where heroines are always portrayed as exotic beauties and plain or unpleasant looking people are always portrayed as the villains. They point to the Cinderella’s three step sisters, step mother and the witch. They question if this is placing a harmful stereotyping on less attractive people that will have a negative impact on girls and boys as they grow up.

But wait, there’s more. They also believe the Bambi instills an unnatural outlook on animals and nature because they can talk to each other and seem human where the humans are made to appear evil.

Now I greatly dislike Bambi for other reasons, mainly that it was devastating to effective management of deer herds and led to the senseless death of thousands of deer who died from starvation and/or disease because hunting was stopped and there were too many deer for the natural food sources.

I’m also not a Disney fan because of their adamant support for gay rights, but the new criticism, based largely on the new sexism trend is going beyond the realms of common sense. If those criticisms are justified, then no cartoon, comic strip, comic book, fictional book or movie is good either because they all give an unnatural outlook on the characters and world(s) they portray.

If the new idiotic sexism holds to their logic, NO form of fiction is acceptable. Classic works like Moby Dick, Scrooge, Oliver Twist, Robinson Crusoe, Tale of Two Cities, Don Quixote and other classic masterpieces should be banned. Virtually every movie made in the past 100 years should also be banned.

The problem with most radicalism is that is selective and fails to think logically of all of the consequences.



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