New Malware Attacking Your Bank Accounts

Cyber criminals will never give up finding ways to steal from others. To some of them, it’s the challenge, like playing a game, but to others, it’s a way of avoiding working having to work for living. This goes along hand in hand with the moral decay of not only America but the world in general. As long as people use the internet to do their banking or any online purchasing, cyber criminals will continue to use their computer skills against you, businesses and governments.

The public is being warned that a newer version of Zeus Panda malware is busy tricking many unsuspecting people into clicking on a bogus Google search result page. Once the person opens that webpage, the malware downloads to the person’s computer and steals their personal information including banking information.

Malware keeps getting smarter at ways to get your money. And a new version of Zeus Panda malware has some scary smarts.

According to a blog post by Cisco-owned Talos, the Zeus Panda malware essentially “poisons” Google search results to push fake bank-related results to the top of a key word search. Then, the unwary user, looking for quick answers to a search related to their bank, is fooled into clicking on malicious links.

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The malware utilizes search engine optimization (SEO) “to make their malicious links more prevalent in the search results…[which] will enable the attacker to quickly obtain credentials, banking and credit card information,” Talos said.

“[It’s] a clever way…to serve malicious files,” a spokesperson for the internet security firm Avast told Fox News. “Although it’s not completely new, it’s rarely seen as a mechanism of spreading malware such as banking Trojans.” …

You can be warned on being careful on what you do online, but no-one is safe from the reaches of cyber criminals if you use your computer. This is why many people are returning to dumb phones instead of smart phones. They are also turning to mailing payments for bills and buying items in person instead of online. Perhaps the 49 cent is worth a little more security.




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