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One of the constants with a socialist society is that they can’t stand or tolerate anyone speaking the truth when it goes against their socialist policies. They are so busy feeding the public their lies and twisted truths in order to control them like worker bees are controlled by their queen.

During last year’s presidential campaign, the media went wild every time Donald Trump spoke the truth about the things wrong with America.

When Trump spoke out about the problem with illegal immigration, the media instantly rebelled and called him a racist and a hater. They were ready to burn Trump in effigy, if not in real life.

When Trump spoke out that Hillary Clinton was crooked, he again spoke the truth and again the media reacted negatively. How dare he say anything so cruel against their neo-com heroine.

When Trump spoke out how Barack Obama weakened our military, the media was instantly in attack mode. The same was true throughout the bitter campaign. Trump saw many of the issues that were destroying America and vowed to change them if elected so as to help make America great again, his campaign slogan and the media relentlessly lambasted him on every point. They didn’t want the public to realize all of the things the neo-com Democrats had done to change America into something ugly.

In August 2017, radical ultra-left neo-com fascists intentionally disrupted a peaceful demonstration that was being held white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia. The rally being held by the white supremacists had been peaceful for hours until Antifa activists attacked them. The media instantly blamed the white supremacists because they are racist against blacks and other ethnic groups.

Then the absolute unthinkable happened when President Trump dared to point out that the violence was caused by the anti-protesters. How dare Trump speak the truth about the violent left? Because he dared to lay part of the blame on those who actually caused the violence, the media labeled Trump as a white racist along with numerous other names, some of which I will not repeat.

When sexual allegations were made against Roy Moore, the media and most of the politicians in Washington DC, instantly convicted Moore and attacked him, even though none of the allegations have yet to be verified. No one in the media is reporting that one of Moore’s accusers worked with the Hillary Clinton campaign. The stepson of another accuser says his stepmom’s accusation against Moore is a total lie. The media is also not reporting that serious questions have been raised as to the validity of the signature she claims is Moore’s. It appears to be a copied signature from the woman’s 1999 divorce papers including the initials of Moore’s assistant and secretary.

Earlier this week, President Trump dared to say that you have to consider that Moore has denied all of the allegations made against him.

Shock! Horror! Scandal!

How dare Trump imply that Moore could be innocent until proven guilty? The American way of justice is no longer the case, is it?

The media has reacted by condemning Trump and claiming that he supports a sexual predator, when that is NOT what Trump said. He only pointed out that Moore could be innocent until proven guilty, which has not legally happened.

It’s obvious that the socialist media cannot stand a president who speaks the truth. They will continue to vilify, attack, smear, slander, libel, insult, mock and misrepresent President Donald Trump as long as he keeps telling the truth about our legal system or who’s to blame for violence and the destruction of America.




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