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In the past decade, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) activists were granted special status and privilege thanks to the anti-American administration of Barack Obama and his neo-com Democratic Party. They just didn’t come out of the closet, but they poured out onto the streets and many other public places and they weren’t quiet about it. They pushed to force their desires over the rights of the vast majority of the American people.

One of the hottest and most controversial topics revolved around people who claimed to be transgender. They demanded to be able to use the facilities of their choice instead of their anatomical sex. The anti-American, anti-family and anti-Christian Obama administration catered to the demands of transgenders and pushed rules that allowed anyone claiming to be transgender to use the bathroom or dressing room of their choice. If that wasn’t bad enough, they were even allowed to use the showers in schools where they could parade their anatomical genitalia in front of unsuspecting members of the opposite sex. Boys suddenly declared they were transgender just so they could venture into the girls’ bathroom and showers.

One state, North Carolina, passed a law forcing transgenders to use the facilities of their birth sex. Of course, the perverted minority screamed louder than the normal majority and pushed to have the law ruled unconstitutional, as if they have constitutional rights over the majority in the first place, but they think they do.

Obama even let transgenders serve in the military and some chose to join just so the taxpayers would pay for the expensive sex change procedure which involves a long process of hormone treatment and surgery. This is something that President Donald Trump is trying to change, but naturally, he is facing stiff opposition by many of the neo-com Democrats that are intent on destroying everything decent about America.

The same situation is not isolated to the United States but has become prevalent in some European countries as well, such as Great Britain, where they are faced with a dilemma on what to do about David Ayrton.

In 2004, Ayrton forcibly pinned a 15-year-old girl to the ground and brutally raped her. He confessed his crime in 2014.

The victim of his rape described her ordeal, saying:

“I know it was over quickly but it felt like it was forever. He just lay on top of me, it must have been seconds but it felt like it was minutes. He just sat up as if it was nothing.”

“I’m sure there was a point I went to slap him but I couldn’t move my arm. I said get off me. I said it three or four times. It was more his weight on me at that point.”

“That’s when he was kissing my face, slobbering on my face. I couldn’t breathe.”

Ayrton was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to 8-years in prison for the rape of a minor.

Normally, this would be the end of the story, but it’s not.

Supposedly, in 2013, before his confession and sentencing, Ayrton said he discovered that he was really a transgender woman, he is still fully male and had not undergone any treatment to change sex at the time of this sentencing.

A British newspaper reported:

“Ayrton was sent to a male facility against her wishes after the court heard she had a previous conviction for possessing indecent images of children and a sexual interest in teenage girls.”

Ayrton is now demanding that he be transferred to a women’s prison because he is supposedly a transsexual woman.

Women’s groups have been very outspoken against transferring the rapist to a woman’s prison. They feel such a transfer would put women prisoners in danger of being Ayrton’s next victims of sexual assaults or rape.

However, like the US, Great Britain has laws protecting the gender identification of citizens, so what do they do with Ayrton?

Don’t blow this off just because it’s happening in Great Britain, but realize that it’s only time till the same thing happens here in the US. It’s already happening in some of our schools and it’s bound to reach the prison system. What better for a convicted rapist to claim to be a transgender woman just so he can be sent to a woman’s prison where he’ll have a plethora of captive victims?

This is only one of the few consequences of allowing LGBT activists to gain rights above those of everyone else and it’s only going to get worse unless something is done to call sin a sin and return them to the closet where they belong.



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