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Washington’s Senate Republicans instantly convicted and condemned former Judge Roy Moore after the first allegation of sexual misconduct was leveled against him, without any proof of the allegation. Moore has adamantly denied all of the charges and claims they are nothing more than a political smear campaign designed to prevent him from winning the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has not only wrongly condemned Moore without any proof, but has said that if he is elected, he will have him removed from Senate. McConnell has repeatedly demanded that Moore step down so a replacement, Luther Strange, can take his place, but Moore refuses, clinging to his innocence.

As Senate Republicans scramble to condemn Moore, time is fast running out for any other option but to let him finish the election.

(The Hill) – Senate Republicans are running out of options in their effort to replace Roy Moore as the party’s nominee in the Alabama Senate race.

In the past week, they tried to pressure Moore to drop out by siding with the women who accused him of sexual misconduct. He refused.

They tried to coax President Trump into calling for Moore’s ouster. Trump declined.

They tried to convince the Alabama Republican Party to disqualify Moore as the nominee or to schedule a new election. Those officials said no.

They tried to find a write-in candidate to challenge Moore, but their first choice, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, signaled through allies he wasn’t interested…

Even the attorney representing one of Moore’s accusers admitted that she never asked her client if she witnessed Moore signing her yearbook. This revelation was made after Moore challenged the authenticity of the signature. Another one of Moore’s accusers was found to have worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign, casting great doubt on her accusation.





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