GOP Top Tax Code Write Promises Tax Relief to All

Donald Trump the presidential candidate promised to cut taxes for most working Americans. Hillary Clinton and her supporters claimed that Trump’s tax plan would only benefit the rich, which is ironic since more of America’s wealthier people are Democratic supporters.

When House Republicans began to work on their tax reform plan, once again Democrats criticized it before pen had ever been put to paper to write anything.

The initial version put forth by House Republicans seemed to benefit working class Americans than it did the wealthier class, but still Democrats picked at the bill like a flock of vultures on a dead horse. Rep. Kevin Brady is considered to be the best tax code writer in the House, and he is strongly disagreeing with Democrats. He says the GOP tax reform plan will benefit every class of Americans.

Rep. Kevin Brady, the House’s top tax-code writer, on Sunday defended the chamber’s overhaul plan against criticism that many middle-class Americans will pay more and turn voters against the Republican Party, vowing relief for all Americans.

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“Here is where I strongly disagree,” Brady, R-Texas, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, told “Fox News Sunday.” “I believe there is tax relief all up and down the income level for families, regardless of what they earn.”

The lawmaker is defending the plan against criticism from congressional Democrats and two analyses, including one in The New York Times that concluded one-third of middle-class families will get a tax increase.

“They’re describing an America that doesn’t exist — one where the economy never grows and one where your paycheck stays stagnant no matter what happens,” Brady said about The Times analysis. “I strongly disagree.”  …

House Republicans could put forth a tax plan that would definitely only benefit the middle and lower-class without benefitting any of the wealthier people and yet the Democrats would still criticize and lie about their tax plan. It doesn’t matter what Republicans do, the Democrats will fight it tooth and nail just because of the party differences.




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