GOP Rep. Rips Mueller to Pieces

Most of the allegations of collusion between Russia and Trump campaign stemmed from the fake dossier prepared by Fusion GPS and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC. The connection to Russia and the hacking of the DNC emails was made after the release of the fake dossier. Evidence now is beginning to indicate that the hack was probably an inside job and had nothing to do with Russia.

But that’s not stopping Special Counsel Robert Mueller from dragging out his witch hunt investigation on Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. So far, none of the indictments are directly linked to the Trump campaign.

Now, a GOP Representative from Florida is accusing Mueller of not only of conflict of interest, but even more in an attempt to help undermine the Trump presidency.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been plugging away his suppose “Russian Collusion” investigation for months with nothing concrete to show for it.

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While there have been indictments and arrests, (two so far, to be exact), the crimes detailed in those actions were not related to the Donald Trump campaign of 2016, reiterating the assumption that Mueller is conducting nothing more than a wide-ranging fishing expedition and is hellbent on being a nuisance to the republican party.

Meanwhile, in a bit of delicious irony with a side of “I told you so”, the DNC is collapsing under the weight of revelations outlining Hillary Clinton’s corrupt takeover of the organization, and her involvement with a thoroughly unverifiable dossier of salacious information regarding the President.  Mueller’s secret overlords are apparently in even more hot water than those he is investigating, yet the probe moves forward.

To step back and take a gander at the larger picture give us a terrifying view of what could be on the horizon, should Mueller fend off the myriad of calls for his ouster that have sprung up in recent weeks.  Sounding the alarm is Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida…

If Attorney General Jeff Sessions had any ounce of decency, he would officially file conflict of interest charges against Mueller, stemming to when he was Director of the FBI at the same time as the Russian uranium 1 scandalous deal was taking place and the FBI investigation into it that was subsequently buried.




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