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I once thought that the 2012 presidential campaign may have been the dirtiest campaigns in American history, or at least one of the dirtiest, with the 1824 campaigns between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson being the dirtiest. In 2012, Barack Obama and Joe Biden continued to tell lies about their Republican opponent Mitt Romney. Even after it was proven they were lying, they continued to spread to the same lies.

Then the 2016 presidential campaign came down to a knock-down drag-out battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. There was enough mudslinging from both candidates to build to a city of adobe houses. Democrats were puling out every trick in the book to win the election, from making it easy for millions of illegal aliens to vote, to voter fraud in other ways, to paying for a dossier on Donald Trump that contained fake information.

It was that fake dossier that led to the now ongoing Special Counsel investigation into Russian meddling and interference with the election. Numerous allegations have been made claiming that Donald Trump and his campaign colluded with Russian officials to rig the election.

So far, the only charges filed from this investigation have had nothing to do with the election, but there is a growing amount of evidence linking the Democratic National Committee, and the Hillary Clinton campaign with Russia, prompting some in Congress to launch their own investigations.

When the Trump dossier was exposed as a fake and containing a lot of false information prior to the election, fingers automatically pointed at Hillary Clinton and her campaign, but they adamantly denied any involvement.

Then we learned that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid millions of dollars for the research behind the fake dossier, proving that Clinton and her colleagues lied.

Then we learned that the Russian attorney who was allowed into the US under highly questionable means by the Obama administration, also did work for Fusion GPS, the firm that produced the fake Trump dossier. Not only did she do work for Fusion GPS, she met with the firm just before her infamous meeting she had set up with Trump Jr., and then met up with them again right after the meeting.

Fusion GPS also produced a fake dossier on a British banker who pushed sanctions against Russia. That dossier was paid for and handed over to Russia’s equivalent of America’s Attorney General. The banker now fears that Putin wants him dead and that the dossier is part of Putin’s plan to eliminate him.

More recent news reveals that Fusion GPS also paid journalists to possibly help spread the false accusations made against Trump in the fake dossier. According to the Washington Examiner:

“Newly filed court documents confirm that Fusion GPS, the company mostly responsible for the controversial ‘Trump dossier’ on presidential candidate Donald Trump, made payments to three journalists between June 2016 until February 2017.”

“The revelation could be a breakthrough for House Republicans, who are exploring whether Fusion GPS used the dossier, which was later criticized for having inaccurate information on Trump, to feed anti-Trump stories to the press during and after the presidential campaign. The three journalists who were paid by Fusion GPS are known to have reported on ‘Russia issues relevant to [the committee’s] investigation,’ the House Intelligence Committee said in a court filing.”

The tangled web of deceit, lies and corruption continue to be woven around Fusion GPS and the Democratic effort to falsely smear Trump and now to try to get him removed from office. Clearly, Robert Mueller is investigation the wrong person and the wrong political party.



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