Is Fox Selling Out to Ultra-Left?

Get a piece of paper and make two columns, numbered 1 through 5 on each column. In the left column, list the top 5 liberal media in the order you believe them to be THE most liberal. In the right column, do the same thing only list the top 5 conservative Media.

Were you able to list 5 conservative media? I tried to do this myself and after listing Fox (thinking of Fox News) as the number one conservative media, I had a very hard time listing any more conservative media. I imagine that you probably ran into the same thing. After some of the top liberal media outlets have been caught red-handed pushing fake news, Fox News has climbed to the number one news source in the nation, in some ratings.

What do you think would happen to conservative news if Fox was to sell out to one of the top five liberal media? Would it be the end of Fox News as we know it and most likely the end of conservative news outlets across the nation? One might think this would never happen, but rumor has it that it just might happen.

Beginning with the 2012 election, ultra-left neo-coms began attacking many conservative media outlets, trying to shut them down. They didn’t want people to hear the truth of what was really happening in our nation. Efforts were made to blacklist a number of conservative websites in an effort to silence the truth. Those efforts were successful to an extent as I was working with about dozen sties at the time and the attacks of the ultra-left neo-coms cost us about 2/3 of our revenue.

Similar attacks against conservative outlets were made in 2014, but again in 2016, the attacks were hard and heavy. What made it worse is that many social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and even Google also joined the attack of conservative outlets who only wanted to share the truth of what was happening, not the distorted lies and fake news of the liberal left.

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Through it all, Fox News rose to prominence as the premier conservative news source. However, that could all change according to a recent report:

“Walt Disney Co. held talks to buy 21st Century Fox Inc.’s movie studio and other assets, a person familiar with the matter said, a deal that would have given the entertainment giant control of another studio and TV networks across the world.”

“The two sides aren’t talking anymore, said the person, who asked not to be identified discussing private information. Fox shares surged as much as 8.9 percent, and Disney rose as much as 2.4 percent after CNBC first reported on the discussions. Both companies declined to comment.”

Disney and the companies they own are among the ultra-left neo-coms that are busy tearing down the moral foundations America was built upon, which would make many wonder why Fox would even entertain joining forces with such a liberal anti-American company?

Brian Wiesser, an analyst with Pivotal Research Group LLC commented on the rumor:

“There are legitimate synergies in combining these companies, in Disney becoming bigger. The bigger question is what is Fox thinking? This is so far removed from anything they’ve ever indicated before.”

If Fox were to sell out to Disney, it could well mean the end to any major conservative news source in the nation and possibly the world. It would be a major coup for the ultra-left as it’s certain that Disney would silence the conservative reporting of Fox News.

From a conservative perspective, the Disney acquisition of Fox is disastrous. We all need to hope and pray it never happens.


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