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Antifa is a violent collection of different radical ultra-left fascists who have vowed to use violence to not only silence conservatives, but to also overthrow the government of President Donald Trump.

Antifa was 100% responsible for causing the hour of violence in Charlottesville in August and they were responsible for violence at other peaceful rallies and demonstrations around the United States. It was Antifa that threatened violence if UC Berkeley allowed conservative Ann Coulter to speak at the university.

Many believe the organization known as Antifa should be listed as a terrorist organization, which would provide law enforcement with a greater variety of tools to stop their violence.

Since Antifa is known for their violence, it takes guts for anyone to take on any of their members, but that’s exactly what one man has decided to do.

(Fox News) – The former president of the Berkeley College Republicans at the University of California, Berkeley said Wednesday he is suing a prominent member of an Antifa group for allegedly threatening and harassing him and others on campus.

Mark Meuser, one of the lawyers representing Troy Worden, announced the lawsuit seeking more than $100,000 of damages against Yvette Felarca in a press release, The Washington Examiner reported.

Felarca is the leader of By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), an Antifa, or anti-fascist, group.

“Felarca filed a frivolous restraining order that restricted Worden’s First and Second Amendment rights and made it difficult for him to move around the campus to attend classes. The restraining order was dismissed on Oct. 27, 2017,” Meuser said…

Felarca is a middle school teacher in the Berkeley school district. She has filed lawsuits against the district to prevent them from releasing damning emails. She is a radical extremist and I would not want any of my children or grandchildren to be one of her students as it’s been reported that she does make her anti-American views well-known during her classes.





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